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At boot you should have either the message in 2a.

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Press the F8 key to execute and confirm with 'Y'. Power off the MusiPOP. Restart the MusiPOP and go back to step 1.

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Press F8 to execute and confirm with 'Y'. The rebuild will happen in background.

August 26, Kenneth Z Binary Options.

If you want, you can reset the MusiPOP instead of letting it boot, to check if the rebuild started. If not it could be that you have the following failure : "The application has failed to star because the application configuration is incorrect.

Sort the view like you need it in the file and press the disc icon.

How to extract audio files from database Updated 05 Jan, To extractaudio files and there metadatas from the database you can use the Browser function Export. Selecting the files you want to Zenon binary options strategies and than clic the export button.

Choose a destination.

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Also the content of the metadatas text file is preset in the setup of the Browser. After succesfull synchronization this flag is set to 1 by synchrodb application.

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Only point is to use synchronizesynchro where not only one synchro field is used but one field for each local station. On each local stationthe synchrodb will check it's own synchro flag on the main database to know if an update of the entry is needed or not.

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