Why is money so hard to make. Reason #1: Spending Money Offers Positive Short-Term Feelings, While Saving Money Does Not

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None of my answers are scientific. These are just mere observations, and of course, based on my own personal experience.

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For the record, I have a full-time desk job that gets paid every 2 weeks with a few side hustles tossed in here and there. It takes effort to make money Exerting effort is harder than living a leisurely life. That explains why people drag their butt to the gym before they make a habit of it.

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It explains why people complain a lot about sweating, and not thinking about the after effects like losing weight. It explains why people say it is boring because you are running around a treadmill like a hamster would on its cage: around and around you go. It is because of the effort you exert.

Advertisement The problem with that is that the positive feeling rarely lasts. You drink the latte and move on with your day. The new clothes wind up in the closet, mixed in with the rest of your wardrobe. The new gadget either becomes a part of your ordinary life or winds up forgotten in your home. Of course, we rarely think of that in the moment.

Some people are naturally lazy and prefer to live their lives chilling out. Nothing wrong with that, I am one of them!

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However, when you work for your money: either through a desk job, a side hustle, or looking after a businessyou may not exactly enjoy what you are doing and going to work is a chore.

It is a hassle. If you are one of the few who like what you do, then good on you! But we all need to work, even a little bit, to earn money, unless you are financially independent then you can choose not to work at all. The cycle continues, and we exert more effort and willpower, while some feel like we force ourselves to work.

Reason #2: Financial Goals Typically Take a Long Time to Achieve

Willpower is a scarce commodity From The Power of Moment s one of my favorite bookswillpower is a depletable function we have as humans. The more we use willpower to go against our urges, the harder it is to resist temptations, especially the buying kind, or eating out, or grabbing stuff from the grocery, even.

Chinatown, Singapore We are programmed brainwashed to consume Some people go to great lengths to go to the mall during the weekend and browse.

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These folk end up buying things they may not need, spending more money than what they have earned that week through the use of credit cards. Even if you go straight home from your desk job or even when you work from home, the temptations are everywhere. You log online, and before you know it, you see an ad that piques your interest on Facebook or websites you follow because big data always knows your preferences and you end up going online shopping.

Why it’s so hard for most people to save money — even the wealthy - MarketWatch

Marketing firms use classic psychology techniques to make you part easily with your hard earned money. They tend to entice you with the word discount or salefree shipping, and show you the things that you have been browsing for, whether that was a hotel, a t-shirt, electronics, a book — anything.

They even have abandoned cart techniques that try to entice you to come back to the site after abandoning your cart and closing your browser window in order to make a sale if why is money so hard to make have an account with said website. Some people take it to an extreme and keep buying stuff as they panic when they read said articles. But you know what? You can survive without consuming much — aiming to live a more self sustaining lifestyle.

But again, we go back full circle to the first point: we can resist buying and consuming over and over again, but our willpower may end up going against us. Financial Freedom We have short attention spans Unfortunately, we humans have a very short attention span, so we feel that options forwards swaps need to be entertained whenever the slight inkling of boredom comes.

What do we do to combat boredom? Chances are, we spend money.

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If you drive to said state park, you also incur gas costs, unless you ride a bike from your house to the state park. Renting stuff from the library may also be free, but driving to the library or paying for electricity to read your book in the evening or watch your DVD may also cost a little bit of money.

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Are we doomed to live this cycle? Not really. Luckily we can choose to live outside the consumption cycle and just have enough. Enough to live on and buy the things we need and things that we want to do, enough that we can retire on the proceeds comfortably, enough that we can choose if we want to go to work, and if we want to build small businesses. All it takes is a mindset change: of choosing to be more conscious with why is money so hard to make money and how you spend and earn it.

Being more mindful on the resources you consume and the life you want to live. Being more mindful that we have limited time here on Earth and we want to spend as much time as possible trying to do what we want to do and not what society expects us to do.

Is there an alternative?

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Is there a way I could get it at a discount by waiting, or is it something that I really need right now? Are you an inherent saver or a spender? Please feel free to share in the comments below. Share this:.