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Highly recommend if you want to make money After reading the 1Option morning blog almost every morning before trading for the last few years, I finally subscribed to the chat room and so happy for this decision.

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It's been about 90 days now and I wanted to write this because of how much it's helped me with my E-Mini trading. Pete provides commentary throughout the day that is very helpful in determining market direction.

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He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, hard working, to-the-point no beating around the bush with his opinions and does thorough research. This is so refreshing after in being in other rooms that are usually filled with all types of chatty nonsense that is so annoying to have to waste time on reading.

He and other excellent traders will state trades based on a unique system that Pete has developed for stocks.

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He will also trade the E-Mini at times which I love when he does. He and another there have a high win rate and their winners are usually much larger than any losers. I should probably take more of his calls on stocks and utilize his stock scanner system more but enjoy staying focused on the E-Mini.

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Since I've joined, everyday has been who made money on options reviews except one where I kept trying to fade the market on a trend day even though his bias was the opposite. Totally my fault.

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I have learned a ton from watching his approach and commentary and very appreciative for all that he does to help us traders make money! This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials member and not of Investimonials LLC 1 of 3 people have found this review helpful.

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