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Moving abroad for financial gains For many of us, a move abroad is often motivated by potential financial advantages. We want to make more money working abroad than we can back home.

Sure, nice weather and living in a fantastic location are great incentives, but money is often the real driving factor.

With hard work and effort, expats are often able to change their own financial status dramatically as well as the wealth of their families and loved ones. Moving to a new country for financial gain can work for both you and the country that gets your skills.

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Many countries are very aware that expats arrive for financial reasons and are happy for expats to exchange their valuable skills for financial reward. In fact, they go out of their way to make sure they are regarded as the best trend trend line to work in, tempting people like you with in-demand skills to choose their country.

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Which countries make it easier for professionals to advance their career while building up personal wealth? So if material gains are your primary reason to look for a career abroad, the UK should definitely be high on your priority list.

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The U. The unemployment in the UK is incredibly low, while skill shortage is pretty drastic. Industries in need of highly skilled professionals are seeking them from all over the world offering good financial incentives to come and work in the UK. If you are interested in working in the United Kingdom, this is How to get a well-paid job and a work visa in the UK.

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Japan It might come as a surprise for some expats that Japan is on the list of the best countries to work in. However, things are changing. The number of foreigners coming to work in Japan has been rising recently. Japan is desperate to lure in more foreign professionals to make up for its ageing population.

Experienced expats still feel lukewarm about Demo turbo option. Although the country has changed its approach to foreigners, the perceptions take much longer to change. Enjoy greater financial choice retired abroad.

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China China as many other countries all over the world is desperate for skilled workforce especially in IT, AI and science. People with expertise in these areas are in huge demand.

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The domestic job market is unable to fill the huge amount of advertised positions. Specialists with five years of experience available for employment are a rare commodity, so Chinese companies are looking for such people all over the world. The demand has reflected on expat salaries.

China has overtaken Hong Kong in terms of expat benefit packages. The change happened mainly due to the increase in benefit costs such as medical insurance, for example. In secondary cities, expatriate packages are not as high as in main destinations, but if you are ambitious enough, second-tier cities can give you a perfect start from where to grow your career and experience. Hong Kong Hong Kong is always ranking well in terms of expat packages and expat earnings. If there is no company involved in your relocation then the numbers will differ.

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If you are prepared to work hard, Hong Kong is the place to go. Hong Kong expats mention that they work longer hours, however, the financial reward is worth it.

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They also say that Hong Kong is the best place to advance your professional career. Turkey Turkey might not be one of those countries that actively seeking and attracting foreign workforce from abroad. Istanbul in Turkey and inspirational work destination Those heading to work in Turkey may be pleasantly surprised by the size of an average expat salary for middle managers offered in this country.

Our Living in Turkey Guide can help you understand more about life and potential opportunities in Turkey. Benefit costs in Australia are not among the highest, the taxes, however, will eat a lot of your package.

Australia brings climate, salary and lifestyle together If you are not employed by an international company that have an office in Australia, and where to go and make money really want to work there, there are ways to immigrate as a professional person.

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Australia is constantly looking for skilled people of certain professions, and the immigration procedures are quite clear. Just follow the plan, and you will succeed.

It might take some time and a lot of determination, however, the reward will be worth it. Canada Canada has always been one of the best countries to work in as an expat.

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Today Canada still proves to be a cherished destination for professionals seeking both lifestyle and career advancement. Toronto in Canada is a great destination for work overseas Depending on your experience and field of expertise you can earn much more than the average.

Thus immigrating to Canada can be easier if you are a skilled professional. France France is not an exception when it comes to the skills shortage in IT, AI, science and innovations.

It also gives brilliant opportunities for international startups. Interested in working in Where to go and make money The States are rightly proud of being one of the best countries in the world for ambitious and talented professionals to work in.

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The USA companies have recently how to make money tips from successful people their efforts at poaching talent from all over the world. The opportunities and financial rewards will be well worth all your efforts to get hired by a US company. So if you can get a high-ranking professional posting in the USA, you will be paid well.

No expat package available? Switzerland is one of where to go and make money highest paying countries in the world. Yes, the cost of living in Switzerland is also high, however solid career opportunities and high living standards are worth it. Benefits and taxes The above list is a good starting point for those expat professionals who want to find the best-paying country to work in. However, there is a hitch.

Look at the list from this perspective — and expat income in the UK falls to the second place after-tax, and to the tenth after benefits are considered.

So how is the ranking rearranged for income after tax?

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Ten best countries to work in after-tax income 1. Expats working here where to go and make money the same tax treatment as us locals. Singapore Most expats in Singapore are likely to have to pay the progressive resident tax rates, just as in the UK, though there are more bands.

Switzerland and the USA Both countries tax expatriates on the same basis as their citizens with various taxes applied. There is a monthly standard deduction for foreign nationals of RMB 4, Canada Canadian provinces and territories have their own tax brackets and there are no tax exemptions for expats.

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Dubai is one of the most interesting places to work abroad with multiple financial opportunities. Read how to get work and sort out your visa in Dubai. Yet, there is one more adjustment to take into account — benefits that a company pays to expat professionals — accommodation, education, utilities, a car, etc.

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So when considering which country will be where to go and make money beneficial for you in financial terms, it is worth looking into taxation and the cost of living in different countries. It is also important to try and negotiate with your employer the best benefits package you can get. Best countries to work and make money — summary We hope that the above list of the 10 best countries to work in abroad where you can earn more on average than at home, shows you that there are opportunities out there if you want to advance your economic and career prospects.

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