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This guide explains how to find your Auth Token, and how to change it. All users should take steps to keep their Auth Token private. If you are concerned someone has unauthorized use of your Twilio credentials, see Proactive Steps for Customers Experiencing Account Takeover.

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Where is my Auth Token? Your project's Auth Token is hidden by default.

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Click view to display the token, and hide to conceal it again. How do I change my Auth Token? Notice: Promoting a secondary Auth Token to the primary role instantly and automatically removes your old existing Auth Token from your project.

Immediately after promoting the new token, all requests to Twilio using your old Auth Token will result in an error.

Any existing Twilio apps using your old token will need to be updated with the new Auth Token before they can work successfully again.

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To make this change without incurring downtime, we recommend users update their apps with the secondary token prior to promoting it to where to change tokens. Access the Project Settings page in Console.

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In the pop-up dialog, click Request Token. Click the Eye icon to view your new secondary token, and use it to update your existing Twilio applications. Once your existing Twilio apps are updated, Click Promote to Primary to make your newly created Auth Token the main token for your project.

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A dialog will pop-up asking you to acknowledge the consequences and confirm. Was this article helpful?

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