What the coefficient of financial independence shows

Calculate the autonomy ratio. Financial independence ratio: how to calculate and analyze

Jose Aparicio Department of Education, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia Autonomy is conceptualized as the need for agency, self-actualization, and independence. Nowadays, financial independence and academic achievement for young populations may be considered as key aspects in the transition to adulthood in response to some contextual demands of different cultural environments.

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By means of a what the coefficient of financial independence shows model, the present study aims to determine the influence and contribution of factors at individual level e. Data come from the scores of the national standardized academic achievement test administered in in Colombia.

The sample includedstudents enrolled in 3, higher education institutions in Colombia. Introduction Moving on into adulthood implies to learn building a personal life project facing, progressively, the need for an increasing psychological and social independence.

This process of moving from a childhood dependence status to one of adulthood independence is especially linked to the autonomy development understood as the capability of self-determination Ryan and Deci,what the coefficient of financial independence shows agency Martin et al.

Although there are cultural differences that may indicate different ways and times, the entrance into the labor market is generally used as a reference for the transition to autonomy for youth Bea and Yi, However, social changes have gradually enabled young people to access to university education and, as a consequence, the economic dependence has been prolonged, in such a way that some authors have proposed an intermediate developmental stage named emergent adulthood Arnett, But what happened to youngsters who must combine their university studies with work against those who continue being economically dependent during this stage?

Will living this experience accelerate their autonomy, positively affecting variables such as academic performance, when assuming their studies with increased responsibility? Is it necessary and desirable to prolong adolescence dependence in emergent adulthood Carlson, in terms of making optimal use of the university experience?

The coefficient of financial independence stability Equity in circulation DIS : The financial independence ratio in terms of current assets The coefficient of financial independence in terms of stocks Maneuverability coefficient On the basis of the standard deviation, such an additional, but essential characteristic of the stability of the financial condition, as the coefficient of maneuverability K m is calculated:. Km shows how much of the equity is in mobile form, allowing relatively free maneuvering with these means.

For that reason, it is important to carry out research that may explain the possible impact of financial independence and academic success in university students. Some researchers have examined this association Canton and Blom, ; Melguizo et al. However, existing literature about this topic is the most successful binary options trader Canton and Blom, Academic Performance and Autonomy: School and Students Factors According to Yu and Levesque-Bristol and Yu and Levesque-Bristolautonomy has a greater impact on academic performance than other personal factors.

Online autonomy ratio. Coefficient of financial independence

Thus, its development has become one of the main aims of all education levels Zimmerman, ; Toro, There are educational scenarios that contribute to develop autonomy because they offer the students decision-making possibilities. Yu et al.

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Thus, they highlight the importance of promoting more humanistic learning environments in certain academic disciplines. Concerning the modality of academic programs, in all of them, students need regulate their learning process, but some research has found that educational environments offering high flexibility degrees, as it occurs in virtual programs, provide greater opportunities to make decisions independently Sauerwein, ; Yuan and Kim, ; Bonem et al.

This is reinforced by Mostrom and Blumberg and Ryan and Deciwho claim that self-regulatory learning behavior is important in off-campus programs and is associated with higher academic performance when it is compared to more controlled environments, as face-to-face programs.

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However, in virtual and distance-learning modalities, it is necessary to have greater autonomy and responsibility for achieving learning objectives when assuming regulatory behaviors.

On the other hand, according to Dziuban and Moskal a ; bwhat has been demonstrated is that modality is not an effective predictor of academic success, and that the stronger predictor is the previous academic performance Dziuban and Moskal, a ; Xiao, ; Paul and Jefferson, ; Torres and Parra, According to Kirmiziin traditional distance-learning education, autonomy acquires more importance because students manage and lead their learning process; they are alone and far from their classmates and tutors, and without the technological mediation that facilitates the permanent interaction among the actors of the process, it could be favored learning process desertion.

Thus, learners must have the necessary abilities to lead their learning process Roddy et al. Gottardi considers that autonomy in distance education is developed during all the formation.

Online autonomy ratio. Coefficient of financial independence

In this regard, grant aids may be considered as a key factor for promoting equality, diversity and financial well-being for emerging adults Alon, Alondeveloped a conceptual framework to assess the impact of financial aid on academic outcomes taking into consideration the blending effect of aid eligibility and types of aid i. In terms of grants, the author highlights that it is important to distinguish between need-based vs.

Individual characteristics like race, ethnicity, and disadvantage in economic status may affect negatively academic outcomes i. A recent systematic review by Nguyen et al. Zhu et al.

Melguizo et al. In the U.

Using a sample of students enrolled in US public universities, the author found that binary options profit per trade students who receive financial aid are more likely to graduate in the year they turn 24 than those what the coefficient of financial independence shows do not receive loans.

Finally, a recent study carried out by Graziosi et al. On the other hand, Bennett et al. In fact, these groups of students showed 4.

Calculate the autonomy ratio. Financial independence ratio: how to calculate and analyze

Fuse examined the effect of university debts on academic performance, which is low especially for students of low socioeconomic status. Besides, a greater amount of owned debts seems to be related to lower academic performance Alon, in college students and greater distress Shim et al.

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Family support is an important factor that can provide socioemotional support and economic support in college Cheng et al. Cheng et al. Hamilton explained a negative relationship between family economic support and grades in a national representative sample.

This is contrary to the findings by Dahl and Lochner and Cui et al.

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On the other hand, Roksa and Kinsley reported that there was no significant association between family financial support and grade point average in a sample of what the coefficient of financial independence shows college students in the U.

Overall, there is a lack of inconsistent evidence about financial-economic support in college students Cheng et al.

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Another way of achieving financial independence is the tying of emergent adults to the labor market. In Western societies, the economic weight of financing university studies is supported by family rather than the State Darmody and Smyth,and in poor countries, as the majority of Latin American countries and Colombia is not the exception, this economic weight is displaced to the student.

The literature shows that the phenomenon of financial independence is more marked on young people coming from the poorest and more vulnerable sectors Dovey et al. When the family cannot support the cost of university education, it is the student who assumes this cost.

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As it is claimed by Fuseuniversity young people who work part-time or full-time, especially in Western societies, do it because of options with minimum rates need.

Results about the effects of working on university students are contradictory Padgett and Grady, In the same way, Arano and Parker claim that the difference will only happen if the number of hours is above the threshold. About this topic, Greenberger and Steinberg and Barling et al.

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Beyond this threshold, negative effects may occur Curtis and Williams, One of these affects the academic performance Chinyakata et al. About the effect on academic performance, Wenz and Yu state that this impact will depend on the reason the students have to decide to work.

Wang et al. About the latter, Bradley and Cheng and Alcantara link these effects to the proximity or association of the type of work to the university career.