What is the number of options

He argues that too many choices that are equally good will make it difficult for consumers to choose, and ultimately send them fleeing. Online business experts and bloggers have been sharing the same sentiment as gospel for some time now.

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So there you have it. Offering too many choices is bad. Offering fewer choices is good.

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Hence, giving just one choice must be the best way to go to increase conversions. If less is more, why mess around with anything else?

Working example

In this post we will look for the answer to this long-debated question, and the conclusion we come to will provide what is the number of options instant boost to your conversion rates. Let them Choose!

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All the hype about decision fatigue and analysis paralysis, or whatever catchy term you want to call it do hold some merit. Let me explain.

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In one behavioral science studyparticipants were divided in three different groups and asked to purchase DVD players. The first group was presented a single option, which was to buy a Sony DVD player. The second group was also given a single option, to buy a Philips DVD player.

The third group was presented with both of these options and given the opportunity to choose. Guess what? Having no alternatives prevented a large majority from buying the product. Users are less likely to buy or sign up if they are presented with just one option.

They will be left unsatisfied with the consumer experience, itching for more options, better alternatives that might be out there waiting. Let them make a choice.

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Simply having any other option will curb that natural instinct to look for alternatives. How Does it Work? Consumers like to make comparisons and ensure that they are getting the best deal.

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They feel more satisfied after making a decision after they have weighed the alternatives. You may have noticed something similar on a number of website pop ups these days. As soon as users are presented with two choices, their minds start weighing the options.

How Does it Work?

Full-screen pop ups can be highly effective. You can also consider using a welcome mat, which is a full-screen call-to-action that appears on top of your content when someone lands on the website.

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Source: Sumo. It has recently shifted to a mobile-first index and full screen pop-ups are not really mobile friendly.

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They take up the entire space and users have to find and carefully tap the small dismiss button to see original content. If you are using a pop-up, make sure that it covers only a small space on the screen and it is easy to dismiss.

These are a little less irritating than the ones that instantly appear when someone lands on the website. What About More Than 2 Options? Not a bad idea. When given three options, they will usually take the middle path.

Try four or five options and see if it makes a difference. Actually not! The one with more choices attracted a bigger crowd, but it was the one with limited options that resulted in more sales. So that means, as with most things, we need to find that sweet spot to increase conversions. Famed Psychologist George Miller suggests that the magic number is sevenplus or minus two.

When in Doubt, Personalize: Instead of what is the number of options to figure out the magic number, you can consider personalizing the number of options. At least the smart ones do. I went to a shop with a beautiful display of shiny, brand new laptops in different colors and sizes. Each one has a tag with price and specs described.

The sales staff was there to answer if you had questions about a particular machine. One of their sales reps invited me to sit down with him, and he then asked about my preferences and needs.

Why a Single Option is Not Always the Best Choice?

What is your main use? Other than the browser and word processing software, I might need to run additional programs at the same time. The weight or portability is not an issue.

Options Spreads What Is an Option?

After a couple more questions that barely took a minute or two, he went and brought with him three different laptops that fit my requirements. That process simultaneously took care of the decision fatigue, but it also left me with some options to choose from, empowering me as the consumer. I am writing this post on one of those laptops.

They have a very large inventory of cameras, but their camera selector narrows it down to a selected few that match your needs and requirements. The moral of the story?

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Try different combinations, offer personalized ranges of options, and see what kind of results you get. Have you ever experimented with the number of options on your conversion pages? If so, what turned out to be the magic number? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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