What is copying transactions

Copy a Transaction

Position on the original transaction and issue the command. Any number of copies can be created. The original transaction date is provided in the prompt so you can change it before duplicate transactions are created.

Copy the same File Reference. Scroll down to check all the boxes in the Artifacts section in the Existing column. If the check mark remains New, the packet will load only the empty placeholders eliminating all uploaded documents. Unless you need something different for a reason, check Existing for all. Click Save.

Sometimes you want the duplicates to be identical in every way except the date. The transaction reference is also provided for similar reasons see below. Position on the transaction you want to copy.

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The transaction can be on a journal pink table or an account ledger green table. A prompt window appears as shown below. The prompt above is ready to make one copy of the original transaction.

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The date of the original transaction is also provided in the prompt and can be changed. Most often you will make one copy but the prompt below shows how you can make any number: The prompt above is set up to make 12 copies and to auto-increment their references from copy-1 to copy Whenever you make more than one copy it's a good idea to label the copies in a way that makes them easier to identify.

In this example the transaction reference is auto-incremented but you could fill in the Order Reference field in the dialog to auto-increment the order reference instead.

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You are what is copying transactions to confirm the operation only if more than one copy is being created. Additional Comments An entire transaction is copied.

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Suppose you are positioned on an account ledger item, i. This item may have been posted from a line item detail of a larger transaction such as an invoice.

The invoice will generally post to many accounts from its header and from other what is copying transactions item details.


The point is that the entire transaction will be copied, including all line item details. This is true regardless of whether you are positioned on a journal or account ledger.

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The operation is "all-or-nothing". If an error occurs, the entire operation is undone. That is, the operation will create all of the transactions that were intended to be created or else none will be created.

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If an error occurs after some transactions were created, these transactions are automatically removed, i. When transactions are undone due to an error, there will be side-effects. In particular, the audit trail will reflect the creation and removal of the transactions.

Another option that does somewhat the same thing is to use the right-click menu options in the register for memorized transactions.

The newly created transactions are unreconciled. One or more postings on the original transaction might have been reconciled.

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However, all postings created by the copied transactions will be unreconciled. Why not copy a block?

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In fact, they can do more because they what is copying transactions you copy a whole block of transactions and also allow the date to be changed. However, these commands are overkill when all you want to do is duplicate the current transaction and change one or two fields. This happens often when entering a group of very similar transactions.

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