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Platform Broker. Metatrader 4, FX Next. Interview links. Transcript highlights. Kan du ge lyssnarna lite insikt i din handel. Can you tell us a bit more about Arima and Anova analysis.

How did you come up w ith that mathematical formula. How did you come up these steps to derive unks indicator for binary options system. I m primarily an Arts student I studied English literature, like Shakespeare I studied Geography, History but throughout all this I realized that s where my shortcoming is, I m not scientific enough to make analysis For example, in Shakespeare, if you want to compare 5 princesses and a king, how are you going to make the correlation to predict what he outcome will be You will need a mathematical set of tools You can use algebra, you can use calculus you can use a lot of things So in order to solve that arts question I was forced and interested enough to research on statistics And when I researched on Statistics and I started understanding stuff I moved onto Physics, then I went deeper I went into Quantum Physics and applied what we call the interdisciplinary approach to trading So my trading comes from philosophies derived from Arts, Science, Physics, natural medicine as well Put them all together and you get what I have.

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Where did you educate yourself on all this topics. Through books Self-educated. Unks indicator for binary options does your typical trading day look like.

Opção binária Rondonópolis

I start on Monday at 5pm EST, which really is Sunday in the US when the Forex market opens I will trade manually for a few hours and let my automated trading system take care of the rest But this trading time will go all the way until about 3pm EST and I ll sleep for 2 hours and I ll wash, rinse and repeat this everyday throughout the year So, I trade from 5am, my time, to 3am, my time, the next day I just sleep for 2 hours a day formally and nap for 15 minutes 4 times a day.

In the beginning, what differentiated you from the average Ma or Pa trader out there Unks indicator for binary options traits did you have, what actions did you take. First, let s talk about habits The typical trader does not spend an immense amount of screen time of the computer They re not dedicated enough So obviously, the amount of screen time correlates and causes the amount of success in trading you will have Because if you want to trade my way, which is intraday You will have a reflex action You can t think too long You have to buy and sell in a flash Right now you re going to make a decision Take it or leave it.

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Second habit I cut losses a lot My accuracy is probably out of Out of 10 times I lose times But I still net overall because I cut losses very frequently on a small amount of loss which a lot of retail traders don t because they simply don t want to lose This has something to do with the ways schools teach us in formal educa unks indicator for binary options Because the school will teach you to try not to make mistakes again assuming that if you don t make a mistake you ll be better off But in the market, it s not so easy, there is no bell curve Everybody makes tonnes of mistakes, even the best So if you do not make mistakes that are small enough to not lose your entire capital, or worse off what I do it wait until margin call Then you will not be able to do anything successful.

Third thing They try to use common technical indicators RSI, Stochastic, MACD, CCI, Moving Averages blah, blah, blah But there s a reason 95 of traders lose Because 95 of traders are using that stuff Do the banks use that stuff No, they never use that stuff How do I know that Because I was in the bank before They never use that stuff, they don t Things like Fibonacci, things like Elliott Wave, things like Dow Theory The never ever, talk or use that stuff But that s all the stuff that is hot on the forums on the internet The next cool indicator that can eliminat e noises, eliminate losses winning rate Wish they do exist, but the question is How much do you win when you win and how much do you lose when you lose That s what George Soros said So, pay attention to that.

So, the third thing is phycology Most traders have very bad phycology When they win they have a winning streak When they lose they spiral into self-destruction There are tonnes of reasons for that Unks indicator for binary options of the most common reasons is unks indicator for binary options it s only natural to be human The natural human instinct does not make us good traders Simple as that We don t like to lose, we only like to unks indicator for binary options Most traders are not happy They re not happy when they lose, unks indicator for binary options They re not happy when they win, because they didn t win enough So they re never happy If you re not happy you re never in the zone You re never in the most productive stage of your life You re never going to be confident You re never going to be motivated to do this for long So, naturally you lose.

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Fourth reason They re quite conditio nal They don t have enough capital They re undercapitalised, so they use a few hundred dollars and try to trade 1 standard lot Only to realise they are forced to use such a small stop loss they surely get stopped out before the market goes in their way Or, they don t put a stop loss and get a margin call So easy, because you simply can t be risking something like 1 off a account Which is really 5 What can you trade with 5 Nothing So, if you re undercapitalised you are in very great danger Unless you re accuracy is very high Which it is in the system I shared with you right That has a high accuracy I gave it to you for free right.

So, for the listeners out there, He Shuhan has given me a system that I will trade in the coming month and I ll share the results of the system based on my trading behaviour and the time I have to trade So, look out for the results I ll be posting on the site at the beginning of July I ll also have an episode about how that went And maybe we ll get He Shuha n back on the show to discuss the trades and his analysis of the results.

Just on your 4 points above, how did you pick up on all this When you first started out, did you have a mentor or was it just self-education. I did have a mentor but he did not really teach me anything about this All he taught me was a very basic trading system based on a breakout indicator and channels, but I don t want to talk about which channels because it s really unks indicator for binary options Don t follow that. When you were trading that money you didn t think to withdraw half a million when you had a million in the account.

Yes, exactly Because when you win as a youngster you think you re God You think you re invincible and nothing can stop you Then the greed kicks in, If I can make a million dollars with in 1 year, I could be the next billionaire That s what exactly goes on in my mind So I did withdraw money, but if I lost money I put the money back and tried to trade again and recover the losses Basically, it s a gambling unks indicator for binary options You can think of it as some sort of gambling habit.

Is that what you were referring to earlier when you were getting these margin calls. Yes, because one of the fallacies traders have is that they always complain If my account had more money I could have held this trade and it could have come back Could would, should is what will kill you The fact is I did have a large account, millions of dollars And still the market can go all the way to get a margin call Primarily, accelerated because I was doing Martingale strategies I was averaging down the price Which didn t work, obviously So, one of 60 second options things you really shouldn t do is Martingale.

You mentioned the banks don t use the typical indicators and methods retail traders use What sort of things do they do. The banks unks indicator for binary options on two types for the Prop trading which is really of what it used to be in the past Where a few years ag o a junior trader could be managing m dollars, now a senior trader will be lucky to manage 50m So, there are two types of way they do that 1 Ultra high frequency dealing, what we call dealer broker It s what we call a two way price First the client calls in and request a quote, they will muck up the price and try to sell it off to another person, making the spread in between That s what they do The second type if the very very long term They buy, they use fundamental analysis They have the economists behind them They buy and hold for years and years and years There is no intraday swing trading There is no inter week holding There is no 4 hour chart, stuff like that It s either, you unks indicator for binary options very quick or very slow That s what the banks do.

Is there a better way Yes there is There are people like me who on a professional basis who do exactly what the retail traders do except that we use different tools Except that we might be make money on the Internet in 2020 non-timeframe charts for example We may be using very smal l risk exposure or we are very well capitalised So, there are some differences between a unks indicator for binary options and a non-professional.

If you were a retail trader working a day job, what 3 steps would you take to start earning an income as a trader. Can you explain to the listeners your unks indicator for binary options trading strategy, the ins and outs of how it works and why you choose this type of strategy over others.

If you split your trading up into technical vs fundamental, what would that split look like. Diving a little deeper on fundamentals, what 3 things would you recommend a novice or intermediate trader educate themselves on. I have one thing to recommend, the subject of Game Theory This will help you predict what the politicians are going to do, e g is Greece likely to be out of or in the Euro, which is applicable right now This will help you predict if the Feds are going to raise lower the interest rates Basically, Game Theory is a mathematical form of predicting outcomes There are a lot of free resources out there on the internet I think there a site cal led or something They even have free software you can use to calculate It s the only thing I recommend people read up on if they want to go into fundamentals.

Diving a little deeper, thinking about any price chart, what 3 things would you recommend a novice or intermediate trader educate themselves on when reading a chart. I recommend reading up on a concept known as Volume Spread Analysis but don t use it because in certain instruments it isn t reliable volume, e g Forex There is no central exchange so there is no reliable volume to read from But it give you a concept of what the big boys do and how they take away the money from the weak hands So, study that Which really is demand and supply Then if you can look at them in the price action it s not bad to Then if you want to sort of automate it to an algorithm you probably need more advanced indicators that can read those things then buy and sell according to the rules So, it starts out with a concept known as Volume Spread Analysis, bu t I said don t use it as a strategy Just read it and understand how it works and you ll be off to a whole new world of discovery I guarantee you Just go to Google, type Volume Spread Analysis Free PDF I think there are lots of them.

How long did it take you to go from trading newbie to consistently profitable trader.

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What s your mental approach to trading and what special techniques do you use to keep your emotions in check. My unks indicator for binary options approach to trading are the 4 things I want to use the smallest amount of capital to make the greatest amount of gains with the smallest amount of risk over the shortest amount of time If I don t achieve any of those, because of my religion, I say it s ok So, I m very relaxed and that s something that helps me stay calm and staying calm is very important in making decisions.

What s your fav ourite entry setup. I will follow the trend half way while it s forming I don t counter trend buy very early or sell very earlythe moment it forms too far away I will unks indicator for binary options get in So my favourite entry signals will be half way entering the trend which means that I ll look for a pullback and if the pullback fails I ll enter with the trend.

What strategies do you use to exit and manage active trades. I use dynamic trailing stops which is not liner Because if you use say if it moves 10 pips I ll move by stop by 2 pips, that s not going to work because option exercise market geometric So dynamic trailing stops I use some sort of ATR Average True Range derived, which means it s volatility based trailing stops to derive how much trailing stops should move every time the market moves in my favor and of course when the market moves against me the trailing stop does not move at all That s basically how I exit I don t exit with a pre-defined target, I exit using my dynamic trailing stop which is different fro m a lot of traders.

What s your recommended must read trading book. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. Do you automate parts of your trading If so, what have you automated, why and how does it help you.

The good thing about automatic trading is you don t have to monitor and you have a lot of free time The bad thing about it is you don t have to monitor and you have a lot of free time Why do I say it like that The good thing is obvious, so let s talk about the bad thing If you don t monitor how are you ever going to know if it s working or not What if it s buggy, what if it has a lot of problems that you cannot foresee And when you have a lot of free time you start to think about a lot of strange stuff in your head and sometimes you come to the market and you mess up your own signals You intervene with your algorithm and you try to curve fit make it better for no reason and you actually spoil the whole system.

If there was one thing you would recommend any retail trader spend the next mont h mastering, what would it be, why and how could they go about mastering it. Two things Find a good trading mentor that does not charge you crazy fees or even better for free But if they are not lucky enough to find someone like that the best thing they can do is to commit to unks indicator for binary options the time they spend on the computer Some of the people come back from work at 7pm, have dinner, spend time with their kids and start trading at 9pm And they say, I need to sleep I m tired it s 12pm The first thing you need to do is to convince yourself you cannot be like that If you don t commit the time you will not be successful So you need to trade all the way to 2am instead Will that effect your day job For sure, but every trader spends a lot of time and so should you the newbie.

What trading related internet resource, like do you always use. I just use one website It s just called ForexFactory. What s the biggest mistake most retail traders make. Trying to get rich in the shortest amount of time when they d on t know what they re doing.

Unks indicator for binary options s your preferred broker and trading platform. I own my own broker, it s called FX Next My preferred trading platform surprisingly is Metatrader 4 It s a very retail platform Of all the professional platforms I have available I just use the retail one, Metatrader 4 Why, because it s simple, that s all.

If there was one mantra or saying our listeners should reminded themselves of each day, to help improve their trading, what would it be. Live to fight another day It also means the market is there tomorrow So if you have losses today, keep it small, don t despair so you can come and fight back another day. Perfect For those not in the know, my mastermind community are working towards creating a profitable trading system If you re not in the mastermind yet, just jump on and join today while it s free.

So, He Shuhan, today your task is this.

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We d like you to help us find a high probability exit point for our trading system We already have a market to focus on namely the S Pand we re looking for specific standard indicators, candlestick formations, market turkey binary options, those sorts of things.

So He Shuhan, to help us pinpoint high probability exit points for our trading system what 3 golden nuggets can you share with us today. You just need one technical setup, it s called Morning star Evening Star candlestick patterns outside 2 5 standard deviations Bollinger Bands So, when there s an Evening Star which is the one aboveabove 2 5 standard deviations Bollinger Bands, you short, you take profit in the middle line You put a very very tight stop loss, right at the high of the candlesticks That s it, that s the way you trade the S Unks indicator for binary options At least that s what I do You don t need anything else if you want to use the standard stuff.

Before we wrap up what s the best way for traders to get hold of you. You can go to my website you can search that in Google You can search for my name in Google, there s lots of articles about me to You can find me on Linkedin, Skype, you can call my cell phone if you want to You can find me lots unks indicator for binary options ways Or you can talk to our dear friend here and he ll be able to link you up with me as well.