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This is because website categories affect ad rates, and subsequently, publisher revenues. The EPMV earnings data above were normalized using a scale of The Y-axis does not represent actual dollar amounts but is instead a proportional scaling of actual median EPMV by site category. The three lowest-averaged EPMVs were news, literature, and geography.

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Why is types of real earnings on the Internet The answers have to do with how advertisers bid on the available ad inventory on your site. While there are a number of factors that affect the rates advertisers pay for a website visitorin this instance, CPMs are higher on the sites where the ads for products or services are more valuable.

EX: You own a home and garden site with a large following.

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Of the available ad inventory on your site, Home Depot wins the bid for the most valuable ad spot. That spot is going to be far more valuable to Home Depot than a spot on news website.

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Plus, the types of things those advertisers are typically advertising are of higher value as well. A visitor that clicks on and purchases a new John Deere riding mower from an ad on a home and garden site is more valuable than a visitor purchasing Glossier lip gloss from an ad on a news website.

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Besides news, literature and geography had the second-lowest EMPVs. Think about it.

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Will the types of products and services on those sites be of high value to the advertiser if a visitor makes a purchase? Why is this category data important to publishers? For the category data in relation to the normalized EPMV graph, it confirms what many in the industry already know.

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Audiences of certain categories of sites are more valuable to advertisers than others. You can see the performance of content by category, author, and article length.

This type of data can help inform your content strategy and overall growth of your site. Ex: While the Bass Fishing category accounts for Wrapping up the top earning website categories Does this data mean you have to abandon your site and jump ship?

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No, not at all. In contrast, this data is meant to serve as a reference to see where your own site might stand.

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Here are some great blog resources to help launch your passion project or build on the growth of an existing site:.