Triple binary options strategy. EMA Rainbow – Strategy for Binary Options

Spread 0. The Saucer formation.

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It is formed by at least three bars of the histogram. We should note that, as a call signal, the formation needs to occur in the area above the zero line of the AO.

Binary Options Bars Chart

A saucer usually appears, when the histogram bars reverse direction from down to up, or the first bar has a value larger than that of the second bar, the second bar has a value lower than that of the first one, while the third bar has a value larger than that of the second one.

These conditions are visualized on the 1-hour chart below, as well as the call entry and the option expiry.

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Zero line crossing. As a call signal, the AO histogram needs to turn from negative into positive.

binary signal graph

We should note that for a valid call signal, histogram bars at the zero line crossing will always be green. The Twin Peaks formation. It is formed by a peak pointing to the downside, followed by another peak pointing down, which is higher than the first one closer to the zero line of the AO.

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Both peaks need to appear below the zero line. We should triple binary options strategy that the AO histogram needs to be below the 0. The call signal will be false, in case the histogram crosses the zero level between the triple binary options strategy peaks.

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The opposite conditions of those mentioned above need to be present, so that a trader can buy put options.