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Water allocations Option agreements toolkit This toolkit brings together everything you need to know about self assessing transfer duty on option agreements if you are a registered self assessor. An option agreement transaction is dutiable if it relates to dutiable property. Generally, you must self assess any transactions involving option agreements.

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The grant of an option to purchase property is considered an acquisition of a new right, whereas the transfer of an option is a transfer of an existing right. Assessing option agreements An option will usually involve 2 transactions - the option agreement, and the agreement to transfer the property once the option is exercised. These are assessed separately, with duty calculated on the consideration stated in each agreement.

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Here are some tips to help you self assess these types of transactions in OSR Online. The option agreement You calculate transfer duty on the option agreement applying the rate of duty to the entire consideration to acquire the option, even if part of the consideration depends on a condition that has not been fulfilled.

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The agreement to transfer property If the option is exercised, transfer duty is charged on the agreement to transfer. Transfer of an existing option A transfer of an existing option is a dutiable transaction and must be assessed as the transfer of an existing right.

Option agreements toolkit

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. There are some specific data entry requirements, depending on the type of transaction you are assessing.

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Option agreement Select Acquisition of new right as the Transaction class. Select Acquisition of new right as the Type of dutiable transaction.

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Select Land in Queensland as transfer option to buy Type of dutiable property. Answer Yes to the question: Is there an agreement in writing?

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Answer No to the question: Does this transaction also include a transfer s assessed under section 22 of the Duties Act ? Note: A transfer assessed under section 22 will only accompany an agreement after the option is exercised.

Enter Option agreement as the detailed description of the property other than land. For options to acquire real property: Enter the lot number in the Lot from field. Select the Plan type from the drop-down list.

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Enter the Plan number in the field. The grantor of an option is the transferor.

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The grantee of an option is the transferee. Agreement to transfer dutiable property after an option is exercised Enter the duty paid on the option agreement in the Less duty payable on previous option agreement field. Enter the transaction number for transfer option to buy previous option agreement.

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The total duty will be calculated once the form is saved. Transfer of an existing option agreement Select Transfer - other than land as the Transaction class. In the Type of dutiable transaction drop-down list, select either: Agreement to transfer dutiable property - for transactions evidenced by an agreement Transfer of dutiable property - for transactions evidenced by a transfer only.

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Select Existing right as the Type of dutiable property from the drop-down list. Enter the details of the trading talent agreement in Detailed description of property other than land. Find out more about your record keeping obligations. Also consider