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Previously, there was just the watchlist and the list of few latest articles published on our blog.

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Trading signals widget The first one is the new widget for trading robots charts signals. If you click on a tile, the app will highlight the corresponding signal in the Trading signals section.

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The signals are updated overnight on our servers it takes some time to run the calculation. You have probably noticed the difference in the color of tiles.

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It corresponds to day-over-day changes in the strength of each signal — the greener the color, the higher the increase. Conversely, the intensity of red color reflects the amount of decrease in strength.

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The magnitude of the change is also displayed in numerical form in the top right corner of each tile. Those of you who use the free version of SpreadCharts will see a slightly different matrix.

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I think the way to use the new trading signals widget is straightforward. Nevertheless, I have a few tips and recommendations for you.

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Personally, I like the last two columns the most. They list signals that became valid or invalid today, meaning they crossed the 1.

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Again, the 1. Research widget The next addition to your Dashboard is the widget with the most recent videos from our premium Research.

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If you click on any row, it will send you right trading signals widget the Research section and open the selected video analysis. The goal of these new widgets is to offer you a summary of all the important information right on Trading signals widget without the need to browse all the signals, research, or our blog separately.

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We think it will save you time and make experiencing the SpreadCharts app and all our content more pleasant.