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Share InvestManiacs Trend Trader Determine the option premium Trend Trader is a fairly new software system which claims to provide you with over one hundred accurate signals every day.

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The Trend Trader system states it can earn any trader thousands of dollars. However, this software is just one of the many available on the market. It is advisable to read this review first before enlisting with any trader system.

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Whilst it may be genuine it may simply be the Trend Trader scam. Getting to Know Trend Trader The Trend Trader system has been designed to be as simple to operate as possible; regardless of your experience level.

In addition the autonomous software is completely free!

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Unfortunately there are several issues with Trend Trader. The lack of data regarding the company and the way n which the trades are generated in extremely concerning. Alongside this you will probably find it very difficult to access any funds you have placed into your account.

The course [ Flagship ] gives comprehensive insight to the most accessible active management strategy currently in use. The concepts espoused here are not just opinions…these techniques have been proven to work. I believe Michael Covel also belongs squarely in this camp for his work to champion the trend following movement. I decided that I needed to up my game and ran across a reference to Trend Following while reading another book.

At worse they are a clear sign of the Trend Trader scam. The system is supposed to use a series of complex algorithms to scan the market and locate the right trades; unfortunately there is no additional information regarding how this is possible.

They claim that they have a series of complicated algorithms that can both analyze and predict trading trends.

Using Trend Trader The usual starting point with these types of automated products is to register on their website. Once you have done this Trend Trader can be linked to a brokerage account.

InvestManiacs advises you to use only reputable automated trading software - BinBot Pro robot is one of them Summary— Is Trend Trader Genuine Unfortunately Trend Trader has received a large number of complaints; particularly regarding the ability to access their funds and the fact that the system has not performed as trade by trend reviews or indicated.

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Whilst it is not possible to state categorically that this is a Trend Trader scam; it is advisable to avoid Trend Trader at this time.