Token master

token master

The Sun Token is here to vape your dry herbs and mellow you out on sunny days, and even when the clouds roll in. The Sun Token is unlike any pipe you've seen. This awesome one-of-a-kind solar vaporizer hybrid is a handmade pipe with a removable glass dome. The Sun Token harnesses the rays of the sun to vaporize your herbs.

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Just load the Sun Token bowl, snap the glass dome onto its stainless steel ring, and use the included magnifying glass to direct the sun's rays onto your herbs.

As your herbs heat, smoke will stream out and amble around the dome, until your lung power draws it out.

token master

You can hit the Sun Token again after 5 seconds or let the flavors build for longer. When the sun isn't out, remove the dome and use the Sun Token as you would a traditional pipe. Solar vaping with the Sun Token is just plain fun.

The Sun Token features drilled holes in its cherry hardwood body to promote airflow and prevent clogging. It comes with a 14mm bowl and token master that are both made of borosilicate token master.

token master

The Sun Token is modular and fits standard