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For the purpose of this tutorial, a minimal policy including the paths used in all of UI tutorials can be found in this example. Token explorer way, you can try the underlying API endpoint paths that correspond with the auth method and secrets engine configured in the other tutorials.

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Use the steps from Token explorer Vault Policies tutorial with a highly privileged token token explorer create this policy. Name it learn-ui-api.

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You can then attach the learn-ui-api policy to the userpass auth method that you configured in the Manage Authentication Methods tutorial. Although you can continue working with the root token, the best practice is to sign out of the UI and sign in with the userpass auth method.

Coming Soon Exposes details about tokens and related operations in the environment in a simple, intuitive dashboard.

By doing so, you are practicing the principle of least privilege by having only the capabilities required to complete this tutorial. Once you have signed into Vault as webapp user, proceed with the rest of the tutorial.

Type help at any time to get help with using it.

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Access the API explorer by typing api at the prompt and pressing return. A warning is emitted for the first access to the API explorer, you should read and carefully understand it before experimenting with requests, particularly when using a highly privileged token.

Your token will also be shown on the screen in the example curl command output. You are now ready to explore some API endpoints.

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The example policy included in this tutorial provides the capability to access this API endpoint provided that you have authenticated to Vault with a token that has the policy attached.

This will narrow the results to a single entry for GET operations. Token explorer the GET entry and then select Try it out; a dialog expands with options resembling token explorer following screen shot.

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Select Execute - send a request with your token to Vault. You should now observe token explorer response in the Responses section. This section contains an example curl command line to make the same API request from a command line environment.

Ethplorer - How To Find \u0026 Add A Custom Token To MyEtherWallet (ERC20)

It also displays the full request URL. Next, the server response is shown with the response body as a JSON object and the response header values present along with response code and optional description.

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You can also download the complete server response data by selecting Download. Since the learn-ui-api policy you defined previously in this tutorial provides read capability for this API endpoint, you can try it in the API Explorer. Vault returns the response data and other helpful information in the Responses section.

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For example with a utility like jq, you can query the data later in an "offline" manner to learn about enabled secrets engines.