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Protect Your Wealth 7. Look for Stocks on Steroids The surest way to make a million bucks in stocks is to go for growth and not worry so much about the price.

But how do we use that money to boost our finances?

Your chances of earning spectacular returns improve if you hop aboard companies that are generating equally spectacular sales and profit growth. Consider the 30 best-performing stocks over the past 15 years.

How to Make a Million Dollars a Year

But dynamic, innovative companies that have long runways for growth offer the best chances of supersized returns. Sales for commercial buildings are growing steadily.

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Pharmaceutical firms are contracting out more of their research to try to bring products to market more quickly and less expensively. Finally, you may be able to cash in on big tech firms that still have excellent long-term prospects. Earn Income on the Side James Foster A part-time job or side gig courtesy of the sharing economy could be the ticket to generating some extra cash.

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Danielle and Joe Haymes of Houston found a side gig they love two years ago after searching for a place to board their two dachshunds. Danielle is a technology instructor for a local school district and Joe is a sales manager, but they decided to become dog sitters on the side after learning about DogVacay, which matches pet sitters with dog owners.

The Haymeses usually take in three to four dogs at a time, depending on their schedules.

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