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Posted on May 27, One of the hardest things for me to do is to keep things simple when I'm working to make money online. Considering all of the website building tools, social networks, and other great stuff out there, it can be hard to keep from overcomplicating building your online business. That being said… experience keeps teaching me that the best businesses are always the simple ones that you can stick with. In this case study, I want to show you how I was once again taught this lesson.

I'd love to tell you that there was some secret sauce to it all, but there isn't.

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It's all about 3 pages and doing the same thing over and over again. I'm going to walk you through how those 3 simple pages turned into a highly profitable source of recurring revenue for me. And yes, I did almost mess this all up by trying to make it more complicated because yes… I am stubborn. Luckily, I caught myself before I ruined it.

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Part 6: Where did we get our First Clients? I was working as a full-time Chiropractor at the time and loved my job. I had built my practice up quickly using a combination of online marketing techniques that I had learned at night when I wasn't seeing patients.

A lot of business templates all about making money online in my city had seen the kind of stuff that I was doing and they started to ask me for help with their online marketing strategies as well. As good as my Chiropractic office was doing at the time, I wasn't the kind of person that would turn down a good paying gig if I thought I could pull it off. One of the businesses that sought me out was a lawfirm.

They offered me a website overhaul job and we quickly agreed to the terms. At first, this seemed like a match made in heaven. I hired a photographer to take professional photos of the lawyers and their staff and then went to work building everything. When it was all said and done, I felt like I had built them something that everyone could be proud of.

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At first, everything was working out great. My contact at their office was extremely happy with the site and the work I was continuing to do. First things first, I should say that this wasn't anyone's fault at the law firm.

Part 6: Where did we Get Our First 100 Clients?

Within 3 months of taking on this job, I was ready to run for the hills and hand over the website that I had built and not take any more payments. So what happened? Right around 3 months into the job, my contact at the lawyer's office asked me to come sit down with all of the lawyers and walk them through how the site worked and how we could do certain things moving forward.

templates all about making money online

I gladly agreed but when I got into the meeting, things went downhill fast. It was me sitting at a table with 8 lawyers, and all of them had different opinions on what the website should be doing. I was completely open to all of the opinions some were great ideas that I hadn't thought of.

The problem laid in the fact that they started arguing with each other about what the website should be doing for their business. I left the meeting with no clear direction on how to proceed because I had been given conflicting instructions.

From there, things went downhill fast. I started making changes based on the meeting and it made some people in the firm mad. In short, I templates all about making money online stuck in the middle of a power struggle.

Nothing I was doing was making everyone happy. It seemed like all the progress that we were making with the site was always making at least one person mad.

templates all about making money online

But templates all about making money online most important thing that I realized is that the way I had set up my service and client relationship was fatally flawed.

I was giving them too much of my time. I ended up telling the client that they didn't need to pay me anymore and I moved on. At most, I could have taken on 3 clients with that model and I would have been miserable.

That experience almost made me walk away from a business that would be booming just a few years down the road. Secondly… I blamed myself for the first project going wrong. I honestly believed that it was my fault that it hadn't gone the right way. I also had a strong sense that I could figure out a way to do it the right way the next time if I worked on it hard enough.

For the next few years, I started looking for ways that I could set a client up with a really great looking website without having to put in a ton of my time but it appear like I had spent weeks building it. I knew that there had to be a happy medium where the client would be blown away by what I had built for them and, at the same time, I wouldn't have to put in so much work. After a few years and a ton of trial and error, I started to refine how I was building these sites, and what I was charging for them.

I won't bore you with every detail along the way, but it ended up coming down to a few simple things. I needed to create a simple site that accomplished a few core things for the client. As I said above, I spent 5 or so years developing a system of building websites and selling them. This was between templates all about making money online Insomething happened that I didn't predict, but that was a huge boom to the website market that I was already doing pretty good in.

In the last 3 years, demand for business websites has grown because of 5 things. This has effectively preconditioned a mass audience of small business owners that having a website and other web services is a monthly cost that they should have a budget for. Big, National Website companies are selling a lot of low-quality sites.

Entheos gets approx.

It presents an even bigger opportunity if that site can be built quickly. The competition got a lot smaller. Even though templates all about making money online quality has gone down with the rise of the big website building companies, they have done a great job of running the competition out of business. From our research, the smaller, boutique web companies moved on to other things because it didn't make any economic sense to keep building websites using their current business model large projects for a large upfront cost.

While the larger cost website projects still exist, the technology available made these kinds of jobs a lot harder to come by.

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Templates all about making money online turn, people who were focused on building high-cost websites largely moved on to other types of work. Even with all of the moves to Facebook and other digital marketing trends, the vast majority of business owners still recognize the need for websites as a home for their business online. Even with better tools for building them, many business owners would rather pay someone to build and maintain their site for them, than to do it themselves.

templates all about making money online

Many business owners who had their website built professionally years ago are now recognizing the need to modernize their web presence to keep up with their competitors and their customers.

This factor has created an extremely large group of business owners who are looking to have their 2nd or 3rd website built This typically hits every years in mass. All of the above factors have created a market full of business owners, who have a monthly budget to spend on digital marketing and their website. These people are looking for something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Luckily for my team and I, we had been developing a way to deliver high-quality websites, in a way that allowed us to take on a lot of clients at once, for a small monthly fee. In the next section, I'll walk you bond put option the 3 Page templates that we use for every business that we work with.

If what I show templates all about making money online below doesn't make sense, you can read above and I promise it will help put this all into perspective. So here's a confession: From everything that you've read so far, you may think that I'm selling websites. I'm not actually. These are basically the equivalent of a long form sales letter that you'd pay a copywriter thousands of dollars to write. This is very important when I get into showing a small business why what I do for them is much more than just making their website look prettier.

With that said, let's dig into the actual 3 page template. Each of these pages serves a very specific function. It includes all 3 page types. As you can see in the templates all about making money online below, however, we have it setup in a way that makes it easy for any casual browser on the website to instantly feel like they know the people that make the business work. This goes a very long way in getting people to pick up the phone.

On this page, we also include an optin form with a download templates all about making money online is a good fit for the niche.

templates all about making money online

This is something that would take months to create for each individual client. Because we work in just niches chiropractic and dentalwe are able to use the same proven optin funnel and download for all of our clients in that niche. This page along with the other 2 takes us about a day to customize for our clients. The best part is that our clients don't really mind that its a template. We customize everything to fit their color scheme and logo and the end results gives them something that works great for their business, at a fraction of the cost that other people would charge.

It is designed to give someone, who is almost ready to become a templates all about making money online, the last pieces of information they need to start spending money with our client.

This page works because it is designed to answer any last minute objections that a potential customer might have. This page took a lot of time to create for our first few clients, but now we have the full template down and each client only has have us make a few tweaks to the already proven page template.

This page is effectively a blog.

templates all about making money online

We are able to write amazing content for our client's blog's because we are able to take the same content and rebrand it for whoever the client is this is only possible because we only work in 2 industries Chiropractic and Dental. The 3 page templates previewed above are the core of our business and help our clients look great and convert more customers, without having to pay a large sum to have the site built.

Part 4: How we got to 10k Per templates all about making money online with this model If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to focus on delivering one thing and delivering it at a high level. That was the key for us. I'm not going to give you every single up and down as we built this business, but I will show you what I focused on. It was broken down into 3 simple stages. When I really started to focus on this model I didn't want to count any of the businesses that we already paying us monthly.

My first goal was to get to 10 clients. The map I had laid out for myself is illustrated below. This is hosting fees and email autoresponder software. My cost stays the same. You can see what that means in terms of income in the image below.

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Keep in mind that there is only about a day's worth of maintence work, even when we get to this many clients. My goal at this stage of the game was simple.

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Once I hitI stopped prospecting for new clients and simply went back and pitched the upgrade to the advanced package. The time cost to maintain this with our system was minimal days a month if I did it by myself. Did all buy the advanced package? Heck no! But it was more than enough to hit my goal of 10k a month.