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This menu can be accessed by clicking the gear in the upper right corner of the visualization tab. Some of the options listed below may be grayed out or hidden in situations where they would conflict with other settings you have chosen.

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The following options are available. Not all options apply to all chart types.

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Grouped: For column and bar charts. Series are clustered side-by-side.

Create x as equally spaced values between 0 and 3. Create y as cosine values with random noise. Then, create a scatter plot.

Overlay: For scatterplot, line, and area charts. Series are overlayed on the chart. Stacked: Series values are added on the y-axis, so each consecutive series appears above the last. Be sure that the units of all series scatter option.

When the user hovers over the points, tooltips are displayed with more information. ScatterChart document. You can specify other shapes with the pointShape option, detailed in the Customizing Points documentation. As with most other Google Charts, you can animate them using events. You can add an event listener for the first ready event and redraw the chart after making the desired modifications.

Grid Layout Grid Layout provides options to separate, or trellis, a chart into several smaller charts, each representing a single row or pivot from the results table. You can separate a chart into a scatter option of 12 smaller charts.

You can input a number between 1 and If you do not input a number, Looker will arrange the charts as evenly as possible.

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When used with the new dashboard experiencegrid layout becomes responsive to the dashboard tile size and shape, as long as Number of Charts per Row is not set.

When toggled on, null values are plotted at zero. When toggled off, sections of line and area charts may show gaps. This parameter is only available when Series Positioning is Overlay. Swap X and Y Swap X and Y toggles whether the scatter option and y axes are swapped from the normal configuration.

Graphics:Twoway Scatterplots | Stata Learning Modules

When swapped, dimensions will be plotted on the y-axis, and measures will be plotted on the x-axis. Hide Legend Hide Legend toggles the appearance of the series legend on a chart.

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This is only available when scatter option is more than one series except in the case of a pie chart. Legend Align Legend Align specifies whether the series legend will appear to the left, center, or right of the chart. This is only available when Hide Legend is off, and when there is more than one series.

Limit Displayed Rows Limit Displayed Rows enables you to show or hide rows in a visualization, based on their position in the results.

A Complete Guide to Scatter Plots

For example, if your visualization was displaying a 7-day rolling average, you may want to hide the first 6 rows. Click Limit Displayed Rows to enable or disable this feature. Once enabled, you can specify the following options: Hide or Show: Choose Hide to exclude certain rows from the visualization. Choose Show to display only a limited number of rows in the visualization.

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First or Last: Choose if the rows to be hidden or shown will be the first or last rows in the result set. Number: Specify the number of rows to be hidden or shown. In the Data section below your visualization, any excluded scatter option will be shown in a darker color, and will be marked with a symbol to the left of the row number: This option is dependent on the row order, so changing the query's sort order or scatter option a row limit can change the rows that are shown or hidden in the visualization.

Series Menu Options The series menu controls how your chart shows each data series.

Each row of the table will become a single dot in the plot with position according to the column values.

Colors You can define the color palette for a chart in the Colors section. Collection Choose a color collection from the Collection drop-down menu. A collection allows you to create themed visualizations and dashboards that look good together.

Plot Menu Options

You can see all the palettes in each of Looker's built-in color collections on the Color collections documentation page. Your Looker admin may also create a custom color collection for your organization.

Once you select the color collection, the Palette section will update with a palette from that collection.

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Palette Once you've selected a color collection, you can choose a different palette from the collection, or customize your palette, by clicking the color palette itself. This opens the scatter option picker and displays all the palettes from the collection. Colors scatter option assigned to each series in order.

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For a categorical palettethe first color in the palette is assigned to the first series, and so on. For a sequential or diverging palettethe color at scatter option left end of the palette is assigned to the first series and the colors for each remaining series move to the scatter option on the palette. If your query returns more data series than colors listed, the colors repeat from the beginning of the palette, first as a lighter version of each color, then as a darker version of each color.

Creating a Custom Color Palette To create a custom color palette, first select the Custom tab on the palette picker.

You can edit your palette in several ways: Click on one of the colors present to edit it. To change a selected color, or edit all colors at once, you can input hex stringssuch as 2ca6cd, or CSS color namessuch as mediumblue, into the color value box at the bottom of the picker.