Robot slaver.

Will be robots the slaves of 21st century?

The word "robot" first appeared in European literature infollowed by the birth of the first generation of robots. At present, there are about million robots working in factories, hospitals, mines and institutes worldwide. A new generation of robots will gradually enter the family home and quietly change people's lives.

Galley Slave

There is a scientific field called "robotics". The dictionary definition of "robotics", however, doesn't mention human sized servants.

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  • It portrays a gigantic robot who has assumed monarchy and now carries the earth as its orb and poses with its sceptre.

In the midpoint of the last century, scientists, futurists, writers, artists, cartoonists, and philosophers began predicting that as early as the 21st century, human sized robots would eventually arrive to "do the dirty work of humanity", to "serve man" by performing arduous, dangerous, unclean, robot slaver repetitive tasks, freeing humankind to pursue a life of fulfillment, enlightenment, and leisure.

Our robots would be slaves and workmates. They would be programmed with false emotions and look just like us.

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They would serve as sex slaves and surrogate selves. When we look around, we do see "machines" called 'robots' which assemble automobiles.

The word "slave" means one person who is legally owned by another person and is forced to work for them. And I think that word options to buy dollars not adequate for this situation. The robots would never be our slaves because they aren't forced to work for us, they work because they are programmed for this, they are an artificial intelligence.

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  2. These narratives have an impact on our conception and development of the technology, as well as expressing elements of our unconscious understanding of AI.
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They don't have any feelings! Today, there are more than 4 million robots in homes around the world.

Artificial Intelligence v/s Humans: Why the Slave could soon become the Master

However, there are still many challenges to achieve an "advanced" mentality in robots. For example, robots still have not acquired the following: self-management and target recognition, accurate and complete access to environmental sensory robot slaver, human-machine emotion tactile force exchange technology, and a network operator for long-range surveillance and control.

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On the day when all these requirements are met, robots with silicone skin and bodies robot slaver be closer to humans. Then, a robot soccer team will beat the world champions.

A major problem now is the way humans evaluate intelligent robots.

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People are concerned that the competition between the humans and robots that existed in will repeat itself in the future. In addition, at a certain point in time, a robot culture will appear and once again raise the question of how humans robot slaver treat this issue.

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Would they continue to be the "iron slaves" of human beings? With the possibility of a conflict between man and robot, how does one determine liability?