Robot bot makes money. Which Are the Best Forex Robots and Do They Really Work?

Called a police and a fireman Another bot hot damn Make your interface wanna retire man You already know that bots are one of the hottest topics since mobile apps. With major announcements from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, the bot craze has grown dramatically over just a few months.

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But one question that is being discussed in boardrooms, amongst makers in Slack channels and in Facebook groups around the web is this: How will these things make money? So, here are seven business models that I expect bot makers to have the ability to leverage and redefine in the coming months. For some bots, you will be able to access more features with an upgrade from one tier to the next.

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Most Slack apps available today are offering a free version of their product with a reference to future paid tiers like this pricing chart from Growbot : Above: A screenshot of Growbot. SaaS is business model that b2b customers are familiar with and will require little education on how the transaction will work.

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Some of the bots will have complex pricing models that include seats and requests while others will have pricing options that are as simple as 3 different tiers.

Native or Sponsored content is a model in which brands pay to have their content distributed by robot bot makes money companies directly into their channels in a way that is often viewed as content created by the media outlet rather than a brand. Brands will embrace this approach because it works for both the brand and publisher.

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You will see this transcend into the bots being created by publishers as well. Bot leveraged affiliate marketing Affiliate Marketing has been a monetization strategy for entrepreneurs and new businesses for years. In the early days, the model was quite simple, find a product that people were searching for frequently, create a website and landing page that would bring in traffic, run some ads and profit.

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For chat bot creators, you could develop a Fitness Bot that offers tips and tricks on how to stay healthy robot bot makes money use affiliate links to send people to fitness products that have affiliate links associated with them.

Shopping bot, Kip has already leveraged this monetization strategy.

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