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This especially is true when dealing with options to purchase, rights of first offer, and rights of first refusal. While most real estate professionals understand the practical distinctions among these provisions, many do not perceive the differences in the legal language that defines them.

Too often, rights of first offer and rights of first refusal are discussed as interchangeable provisions or are confused with options to purchase.

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The failure of parties to use the correct language to grant the desired options or rights in contracts or leases can lead to disastrous consequences. Clarifying the Concepts Although the language used to define them is similar, an option to purchase, a right of first offer, and a right of first refusal are distinctly different legal concepts. Option to Purchase.

Updated Jun 21, What is an Option Agreement? An option agreement is a legally binding contract between two entities outlining each counterparty's responsibilities to the other. Understanding Option Agreement There are several definitions of an option agreement in the financial and business environment. In general, an option agreement is an arrangement between two individuals, companies, or a combination of the two, which outlines terms and conditions for each party.

This provision grants the holder the right to purchase an indicated property during the term of the option without respect to the owner's desire to sell. In other words, the holder can force the owner to sell the property by exerting the option.

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Options to purchase often include specific terms such as a purchase price; however, inclusion of such terms does not necessarily mean that an option to purchase exists. Right of First Value of the option in the money. Sometimes referred to as a right of first opportunity or first right to purchase, this provision requires the owner to give the holder the first chance to buy a property after the owner decides to sell.

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Unlike the option to purchase, the holder cannot right to an option in a contract the owner to sell. Right of First Refusal.

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This provision grants the holder the right to see any bona fide third-party offers the owner has received on a property. The holder can match the terms of the third-party deal and purchase the property or pass on the deal. Rights of first refusal tend to be the most problematic for owners.

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Third parties easily are discouraged from considering a purchase because the holder can right to an option in a contract the property under the terms that the third party put together. Unlike options to purchase, rights of first offer and rights of first refusal also can be used to obtain lease expansions or other rights not involving property sales.

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Cases in Point Three recent court cases illustrate the need for precision in drafting and administering these three provisions: the Colorado Court of Appeals case of Stuart v. Stuart, the lessee, sued D'Ascenz to force him to sell her the property pursuant to this provision.

D'Ascenz countered that the provision simply was a right of first refusal, which only required him to give her an opportunity to match any bona fide third-party offer received. The trial court ruled that the lease granted Stuart an option to purchase because it contained a purchase price.

Conflicting language in the lease that incorporated elements of both a right of first refusal and an option to purchase resulted in a protracted legal battle, and Stuart failed to obtain the purchase option she had anticipated.

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The discussion in Winberg focused on whether or not the owner granted a first right to purchase. The Winbergs purchased a four-acre portion of the Cimfels' acre farm. The Winbergs inquired about the price, and the Cimfels responded in writing. Three days later, without receiving a response from the Winbergs, the Cimfels entered into a contract to sell the property to a third party at the price quoted to the Winbergs.

A Guide to the Best Practices for Contract Administration Getting all your ducks in a row for a major purchase can be tricky. A vendor wants to strike a deal, but you don't have a store to sell from yet. A property owner wants to sell you land ASAP, but you don't have financing.

The Winbergs responded that they wished to purchase the property, but the Cimfels refused and sold the property to the third party. The Winbergs sued the Cimfels contending that they failed to honor the first rights to purchase provision in their sales contract. Because the Cimfels clearly had decided to sell the property, they had an obligation to permit the Winbergs to purchase it first.

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Although this case was remanded to the trial level to determine whether or not the Winbergs adequately exercised their first right of purchase, the court inferred that the sale to the third party should be voided if the trial court ruled in favor of the Winbergs.

Finally, the Sanchez case in Texas highlights how imprecise language regarding purchase rights can lead to serious consequences.

An options contract is an agreement between two parties to facilitate a potential transaction on the underlying security at a preset price, referred to as the strike priceprior to the expiration date. The two types of contracts are put and call options, both of which can be purchased to speculate on the direction of stocks or stock indices, or sold to generate income.

In the intervening years between the contract's execution and the resulting actions, the owner granted various oil and mineral rights on the property to third parties. However, the contract holder sued to cancel the third-party oil and mineral rights, stating that they were made in contravention of the right of first refusal in the contract.

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The oil and mineral rights holders responded that this contract provision was not a right of first refusal but an invalid option to purchase, because it did not include a purchase price. Carol C. Contact them at or chonigberg reedsmith.

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  • Once a buyer has an option to buy a property, the seller cannot sell the property to anyone else.
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