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Design that makes you stand out Choose from more than a hundred of carefully prepared and easy to customize templates. Discover more templates Start selling online Open a brand new store using one of our templates or add the store feature to your existing website on Webnode in just a few clicks. Get started Boost your position with the perfect domain A domain name is your internet address.

In order to attract any investors in the form of advertisersyou must have a place for them to sell their wares. Attracting advertisers must be your primary goal, as that is what will make your financial aspirations a success.

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Know what advertisers or ad placement algorithms are looking for in an advertising venue i. What you want in a site, then, is to attract—and keep—a lot of visitors.

quickly create a website and earn

The longer they stay, the more likely it is that they will eventually leave your site by clicking not on the back button, but on your advertiser's links. To generate the most traffic, and thus the most revenue, be selective in your target market.

While every demographic has its strong points and weak points, studies have shown that younger people are generally more optimistic and more adventurous—and thus likely to click on an advertisement more readily.

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Keep in mind that the goal is clicks, not sales: that's what generates your revenue. Once the visitor has clicked out of your site, it's up to the merchant to make the sale.

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You get paid, regardless of the outcome. Search the web for trends and ideas for websites, and include the year in your search so that you avoid wasting search results on what was hot in For example, searching Google for "website ideas " returned nearly a billion results.

quickly create a website and earn

From there, it's just a matter of combing through to find ideas that pique your interest. In the halcyon days of the early 21st century, you could create a business name, and find a domain to match.

quickly create a website and earn

These days, it's virtually impossible. However, you can be creative with hyphenated names.


While "geeks. One quickly create a website and earn way to proceed is to secure a ".

This has the advantage of being the most flexible in terms of design and installation of custom code. Alternately, you can sign up with a service such as Blogger, from Google, or Wordpress—both of which will not only let you put your site name in front of their service name e.

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The advantage, aside from that, is that Blogger and Wordpress give you a great number of really well-designed templates to make your site look visually awesome.

The downside is that generally takes having a "pro" version i.

How Pros Make Money Online

Using the templates provided, or a site of your own design or from a designerput together your website. What you do will be based almost entirely on the market you are attempting to reach.

quickly create a website and earn

Again, though, whether you are ultimately offering a personal service, like "Cleavon's Auto Repair Site," or a total web-centric site like "Sara's Mouth-Watering Recipes," the goal is to keep people on your site. Several ways to make money means the content is king—the same as it ever was. If you're offering a service, your site could have content specific to your specialty.

quickly create a website and earn

Cleavon, for example, might have some basic articles on changing oil, fixing a flat, or a FAQ about all those little sounds a car might make. Sarah could feature, along with recipes, information such as weight and measure conversion, the differences between types of flours, and anecdotal tales of kitchen disasters and successes.

Disclosure: When you purchase a product or a service through our website, we earn a small commission - read more Have you been thinking about creating your own website? And do you want to earn money from it? This is one of the most popular ideas when it comes down to earning an online income.

In both cases, going beyond the basic service provided gives visitors a reason to stick around—and click on ads! Don't post one or two articles and call it a day.

1. Email Marketing

Remember that this is quickly create a website and earn income stream we're talking about developing, so think of it as your job—part-time or full time, you have to devote some time to it every day if you want to see the paychecks come rolling in. The more you write, the more interest your site will hold. The more interest your site holds, the more people will follow it.

quickly create a website and earn

Never lose sight option works that goal.