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However, inanalysts polled by Yahoo!

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It is also one of the few technology stocks that also buys back its shares. In fact, one of its chief advantages of buybacks is that it allows a company to continue to grow its dividend per share without any further outlay of cash.

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That said, my analysis of quick and affordable earnings stock is that it is worth significantly more than its present price. Today, its yield is 4.

The golden rule of passive income – protect your time.

Additionally, if that took three years to achieve, the average compounded return annually would be And if you add in the annual 4. Moreover, the dividend yield for ISBC stock is attractive at 6.

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And over the last 12 months, the company made 73 cents per share — which more than covers quick and affordable earnings 48 cents dividend per share. Additionally, the stock trades for just 10 times expected earnings for next year.

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And if you put all of these things together, you have a very cheap stock to buy. Obviously, the bank has been hit by the real estate troubles.

These companies are attractively valued and could deliver huge returns.

And even with loan provisions it still made 18 cents per share in Q2. This more than covered the 12 cents per share quarterly dividend.

There's a good chance that more volatility is on the way as we move into the year's final quarter, but there are still investment opportunities on the table that could help make you rich. Read on for a look at three stocks that trade at non-prohibitive valuations and offer tremendous potential upside. Image source: Getty Images. GLUU data by YCharts Shares got hit with a steep sell-off after the company published second-quarter results in August that brought an earnings miss and guidance for decelerating bookings growth. The report also arrived with disappointing news about the publisher's upcoming release pipeline, with one title being delayed into next year and news that resources were being shifted away from another in-development project, following underwhelming audience test numbers.

This may take two or three years to recover, but that implies an annualized compound return of And, with the 6. Again, that is a great ROI. Based on its 3. So, assuming it takes three years to reach this price, the average annual gain on a compounded basis is It was spun off from ConocoPhillips to its shareholders in April Nonetheless, the high numbers for obviously depend on the price of oil rising next year.

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This is based on the economy returning to normal with a Covid vaccine that is effective and abundantly available. And, assuming it takes two years for the stock to hit this target it represents a compound annual gain of Right now, the stock is attractive with a 6.

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Moreover, analysts polled by Yahoo! So, assuming it takes two years to reach this target price, the average annual compounded return is And, combined with the 6.

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Hake, CFA The table here shows that these five cheap stocks to buy that have an average dividend yield of 6. That is very cheap.

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Moreover, the average upside of each of these stocks is Even it takes on average 2. So, if you include the 6.

What is passive income?

And these are excellent expected returns for most investors. On the date of publication, Mark R.

Hake held a long position in ISBC. More From InvestorPlace.