Pip options

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This option is empty by default. This log appends to previous logging.

pip options

Like all pip options, --log can also be set as an environment variable, or placed into the pip config file. See the Configuration section.

VCS project urls. Local project directories. Local or remote source archives. The user supplied arguments are processed here.

This option specifies default behavior when path already exists. Possible cases: downloading files or checking out pip options for installation, creating archives.

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If --exists-action is not defined, pip will prompt when decision is needed. So the most recent backup will be the one with the largest number after.

pip options

Presently, the only supported build system is setuptools, but future developments to the Python packaging infrastructure are expected to include support for other build systems. As well as package building, the build system is also invoked to install packages direct from source. The interface to the build system is via the setup.

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However, not all packages use setuptools in their build scripts. The injection should be transparent to distutils-based projects, but 3rd pip options build tools wishing to provide a setup.

It can install packages, list installed packages, upgrade packages, and uninstall packages. Recent versions of virtualenv 1. If you are using a pre Just replace all occurrences of the latter with the former.

In order to correctly read the build system output, pip requires that the output is written in a well-defined encoding, specifically the encoding the pip options has configured for text output which can be obtained in Python using locale.

Build systems should ensure that any tools they invoke compilers, etc produce output in the correct encoding.

pip options

However, it is still possible for output to be displayed using an incorrect encoding mojibake. Once this version of the metadata spec is final, pip will migrate to using that interface.

At that point, the setup.

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Specifically, applications should not expect to rely on there being any form of backward compatibility guarantees around the setup.

The --global-option and --build-option arguments to the pip install and pip wheel inject additional arguments into the setup.

By default, some messages error and warnings are colored in the terminal. If you want to suppress the colored output use --no-color. This option is empty by default. This log appends to previous logging.

These arguments are included in the command as follows: python setup. Use of --global-option and --build-option should be considered as build system dependent, and may not be supported in the current form if support for alternative build systems is added to pip.