Party option. Straight-ticket voting

Straight-ticket voting

Blog About Us Home About Us It was a dark and stormy afternoon as thunder reverberated throughout the skies and rain continually showered the window pane. Then a lightbulb went off, mentally speaking. But it made for an interesting introduction, right?

In truth, our co-founder Chris Ruszkowski sat down with our other co-founder Jason Hardy to party option him a spreadsheet model he had put together for options trading. With sheet after sheet, it was clear Chris was onto something. Thus, Option Party was born. There was still a lot of work to do, though. From Idea to Working Platform There was one problem: For all the work it took to compile the data, there was no way to compare one strategy to other strategies. Ultimately, the once-complicated series of spreadsheets turned into an easy-to-use software capable of scanning thousands of different option combinations in seconds.

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Think about how you personally find options trades right now. Maybe these are your favorite names. Maybe the list changes based on certain trade setups. Either way though, we have to decide on the directional bias bullish, bearish or neutral and then start manually digging through all the different strike prices and expirations to find a party option.

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This can be a laborious task, even for just one stock. Option Party removes this step. It scans for as many strategies as you want at once, but party option ranks them by which is best.

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Known as Party Rank, it can tell party option within seconds what the best setup is available in the market. Just like in trading, Option Party continued to evolve and improve through experience and practice.

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Thus, Option Party notifications were introduced with Opportunity Alerts. In a nutshell, the platform can constantly scan for multiple strategies throughout the trading session.

When opportunities arise, the trader is notified.

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The great thing about Opportunity Alerts? You can have more than one. In fact, you can have all sorts of screens running simultaneously — bullish, bearish, neutral and multiple strategies for each one. Features, Features, Features From Day One to today, there has been a party option of new features introduced.

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Party option can scan by in-the-money and out-the-money or filter trades by only looking for or solely excluding ETFs. The Option Party team has continually found ways to better the system.

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But which is their favorite and which are they most proud of? Instead, the team is busy working on portfolio management tools to help investors manage their trades after doing the legwork to find it. From paper trading to actual account management, Option Party is focused on the future. Search Option Party.

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