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I highlight the most common issues and make recommendations on what to pay special attention to for great user experience.

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In Part Ibesides addressing some interesting problems with the usage of flags and language abbreviations, I also write about how to improve the the quietest time for binary options of your language selector. Since publishing Part Imany of you asked for my advice on what to do in some tricky situations.

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One of the most exciting questions I got was about alternative text so I decided to write a post on how to design language selectors that work well with assistive technology. Replace all the text on your webpage with gibberish and show it to people from your target audience.

Ask them to select another language and see if they can find out where to do it.

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Accessibility text Ok, but what about the visually impaired? When the screen reader options in an accessible language the language selector button, it will read the accessibility text.

How is the accessibility text helpful for her if she lands on a webpage where the selected language is English by default?

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  • Writing for Web Accessibility – Tips for Getting Started | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C

Due to certain limitationsthis can sometimes result in an unsatisfactory solution. To avoid this from happening, some websites have a so-called language preselector landing page that enables visitors to manually select their preferred language before they can start browsing the website.

The ultimate solution There is, of course, a more subtle solution than masking your entire site with a preselector interface.

Presidential candidates websites on accessibility.

This one combines most of the advantages of the above-mentioned solutions. Placing links to your website in other languages instead of hiding them under a single button can increase discoverability for people both with and without visual disabilities, therefore, it can be considered as one of the best options in an accessible language.

Provide informative, unique page titles

This is how, for example, Google does it. Direct links to your website in other languages are more accessible For better discoverability, I suggest putting another language selector in the main navigation bar of your website.

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Personalization can further improve the user experience This will enable your website to provide an exceptional and personalized user experience for each visitor — even if automatic redirect rules fail to give them their preferred language. Keyboard navigation No matter which solution you decide to go with, you always need to make sure that your language selector and actually, your entire website is compatible with keyboard-only navigation. Why is it so important?

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Screen reader users and options in an accessible language with certain motor impairments usually use their keyboards exclusively to navigate on the web. Visually impaired people who use screen readers to navigate on the web might have a hard time finding where to select another language.

Using alt or aria-label attributes in HTML can help them find it easier.

Accessibility standard requirements

Language preselector landing pages enable visitors to manually select their preferred language before actually starting to browse your website. It can be beneficial but can also be an unnecessary barrier to some people.

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The ultimate solution combines having a language selector button with an icon and proper accessibility text in the main navigation bar and links to your website in other languages in the footer.

When deciding which language selector to go for, you always have to consider your target audience and understand the trade-offs of each solution. Want to learn more about how to write good accessibility text?

Setting Document Language/s

Special thanks to Rachel Hart whose question inspired me to do additional research, look for a solution that works and write this post. Thanks for being curious and having inclusivity in mind when designing user interfaces.

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