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  • That said, there are also advantages to this approach, from finishing school more quickly to maintaining your current job and the associated income and benefits.

Employer sponsorship Available More information on all of the above can be found on our dates and fees page, or please contact one of our team to discuss your options and eligibility. So how do you choose between studying full-time and part-time?

Ways to study Flexible study options to suit your needs We offer a variety of study options to suit all our students. You can choose to complete a course at one of our campuses, study online in the comfort of your own home, or learn on-the-job while you work. Most courses are taught throughout two semesters: from February to June, and from July to November. TAFE NSW is also increasing the number of short courses, fast-track, flexible and online courses we offer, meaning students can enrol all year round.

Everyone is different when it comes to deciding which study mode best suits them. If you are currently working in a full-time role or looking to spread your studies over a longer period of time to fit around family and social commitments then our part-time Masters are designed to suit working professionals with teaching distributed across a longer timeframe.

Many universities offer this longer option by studying with full-time students in the week, however, our experience of working with professionals and other part-time learners is that, being able to study out of hours at the weekend works better for them.

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  5. Part-time study and flexible learning A large number of full-time courses can also be studied part-time and are a good alternative if you can't commit to full-time study.
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If you are looking to gain your Masters qualification within a shorter timeframe and have time to commit in the week to attend lectures and undertake the required self-study, then we would typically recommended choosing one of our full-time programmes. Is there a difference in the qualification I receive at the end? Whether you study full-time or part-time, you will still receive the same qualification awarded by Northumbria University upon completing your Masters.

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If I study part-time will I still have the same level of support as full-time students? Of course.

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Many of our part-time weekend Masters programmes also include the blended learning elements to ensure that you can make the most of your time between teaching weekends throughout the 2 years too. What will my timetable look like? Whether you study full-time or part-time, your timetable will be confirmed on enrolment, but you can view sample timetables here: Full-time sample timetables Part-time sample timetables Will I need to spend time outside of class studying?

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This will include preparing for classes and follow up reading around set topics designed to further your understanding and enhance your learning. The recommended hours of self-study for each programme can be found on your course page but as an approximate guide, for those studying a full-time Masters you should expect to spend an additional 28 to 45 hours a week outside of lectures and seminars on self and directed study.

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For those who choose to study part-time, in addition to your weekend workshops, you should expect to spend hours of independent study per live chart for trading binary options credit module. As each module is taught over a 10 week period with assessment hand-in in week 11, this means as a rough guide, you should expect to spend approximately 18 hours a week outside of class on self and directed study.

The exact options full- time courses regarding study hours can be found on your course page. Can I work full-time and study part-time? A majority, if not all, of our part-time weekend Masters students are well suited to those working full-time, whether in permanent roles, or contracting. Our weekend timetables are designed to options full- time courses those in full-time work.

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Hear from some of our part-time students and their experiences of balancing work and study:.