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When you create a new Pusher object you are automatically connected to Channels. Channels 'options' parameter The options parameter on the Pusher constructor is an optional parameter used to apply configuration option constructor a newly created Pusher instance.

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For more information see Encrypting connections authEndpoint String Endpoint on your server that will return the authentication signature needed for private and presence channels. For more information see authenticating users.

For more information see handling authentication problems.

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There are two options available: ajax - The default option where an XMLHttpRequest object will be used to make a request. The parameters will be passed as Options saturday sunday parameters. This can be used when the authentication endpoint is on a different domain to the web application.

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The endpoint will therefore be requested as a GET and parameters passed in the query string. For more information see the Channel authentication transport section of the authenticating users docs. The auth option lets you send additional information with the authentication request.

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See authenticating users. When using ajax authentication the parameters are passed as additional POST parameters.

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When using jsonp authentication the parameters are passed as GET parameters. This can be useful with option constructor application frameworks that guard against CSRF Cross-site request forgery.

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Only applied when using ajax authentication Provides the ability to option constructor additional HTTP Headers to the channel authentication endpoint when authenticating a channel. This can be useful with some web application frameworks that guard against CSRF Cross-site request forgery. When not supplied, will connect to the mt1 us-east-1 cluster.

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Read more about configuring clusters. Useful option constructor applications running in controlled, well-behaving environments. Additional transports may be added in the future and without adding them to this list, they will be disabled.

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Use with care, it should be disabled only if necessary i. Default value is supplied by the server, low values option constructor result in unnecessary traffic.

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Default value is supplied by the server. An application that uses TLS should use this option to ensure connection traffic is encrypted. The option to force TLS is available on all plans. In practical terms this means that when you option constructor your connection limits and you're on a Sandbox plan then you will be limited immediately. You will receive an email if your account exceeds your connection limit.

Definition and Usage

If you are on a Sandbox plan and want to avoid connection limits upgrade your account. For more information on plan limits see pricing. JavaScript When connection limits are reached additional connections over the limit will be rejected. You can capture the rejection by binding to the error event on the pusher.