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Who earned the first million how.

C.D.C. in the cross hairs

Who becomes a millionaire Ekaterina Bochkareva It took me 15 months to earn my first million. Forget it.

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  • Our lead story this week is an investigation into Wagner, the Russian mercenary company, including some previously unreported details about its foundation.

In fact, it was not like that. It took six years.

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I had to earn half a million, then completely lose it and not only it. Twice I found myself on the street and every summer I suffered from "dissatisfaction with myself, bordering on suicide. In fact, this was not the case either. Whole life. As much as I would like to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to make your first million dollars. I can not. It was not easy at all. Try something else and let the results decide for you. Even if you fork out for market research, it won't oleg gerasimov how to make money from home you anything important.

A new investigation into Wagner, Russia’s private mercenary army

In order to make effective business decisions, you need to be guided by reliable data. You can buy them for a thousand or two dollars or do active research yourself. The latter is much more efficient and cheaper. Will anyone read it? I started a chocolates company, a pay-for-performance SEO firm, a reputation risk management agency, an information marketing company, a t-shirt business, a full-blown internet advertising agency, a health blog, a copywriting agency, created seven fictional literary pseudonyms and one not invented.

Of all of the above, nothing fired, except for three projects I'm going to abandon them too.

Living weapons

I wrote 36 books, hired and fired 47 people, made and lost, and made a fortune again, and so on twice. I've collected and then trimmed, reassembled and laid off staff at the same company at least five times in the past year. I do not wait until I make up my mind. I just do it. If I have an idea for a book, I don't think about writing oleg gerasimov how to make money from home, I write it.

If you are still reading this article, it means that ideas are wandering in your head that need to be implemented. We need to check everything in action. Receive reliable data. Stop contemplating that you can predict the future. You can not. Instead, try every possible option. Step 2.

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Stop whining and start working for people Then stop writing books for yourself, start writing books for your audience. Your bank account directly reflects the benefits that you bring to people in the market.

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Both in general terms and at the level of each person individually. But it's not that easy I hate writing. As a child, I promised myself that I would never, under any circumstances, work while sitting at the table.

Today I spend hours a day sitting in a windowless room and typing in front of a monitor screen.

However, it is by writing that I benefit people. I have hardly reached where to make good money for a student heights in writing that I was paid for it.

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Serving people is not easy. For the most part, they are all ungrateful, negative curmudgeons. They constantly demand more. You will have to work for hours to keep them happy. You will not always enjoy it. Sometimes you have to work for an idea. Go through this step. I went through. If you think that you are creating something for the audience, and not for yourself, only people of art from despair Don't whine, do it.

You will have to wait a long time until you get paid. You can look for yourself in different areas.