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Facebook Momentum Trading in Binary Options The forex or binary options marketing just like other markets, which it needs volume to push the price from one level to another. And worth to mention that the forex market is the largest and the most liquid market in the world, which 6 trillion dollars worlds of transactions are done on daily basis.

High/Low Trend Momentum Strategy for Binary Options

Therefore if you can master momentum analysis, you may get a lot more profit taking chances. Trade volume in the market is connecting to momentum, meaning the bigger the trade volume the stronger the momentum is in the market.

This is what most traders really want, which in order to make profit in the forex market you would want the market to have bigger moves.

  • Tags: IndicatorsMomentum 6 min read The Momentum is a technical analysis tool, designed with the sole purpose of identifying the trend strength, which is the velocity of price changes.
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And this is when momentum trading comes in handy. MACD is one of the most famous and popular momentum indicators of all time. Not only it give you a strong sense of market momentum but it also shows you the trend direction momentum on binary options we call it a trend following momentum indicator. One of the many reasons why traders are in love with the MACD indicator is that the MACD indicator momentum on binary options extremely easy to use and signals it gives out is ultra clear.

How to Analyse Market Momentum - Candlestick Psychology - IQ Option Strategy

Likewise, if both lines are facing upward and moving above the 0 level, it indicates the market is in an uptrend environment. Simple and clear, you will not have much confusion while using this indicator.

Lastly when the market is moving sideways, you should see the MACD lines crossover each other consistently and moving around the 0 level indecisively.

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Histogram is the green and purple bars those comes with the MACD indicator. When histogram is green above 0 levelwe would call it a positive reading which it indicates that the upward momentum is dominating the market that price will likely to move upward. Likewise, when the histogram is purple below 0 levelwe call it a negative reading which indicates that the downward movement is dominating the market and price will most likely move downward.

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Lastly it is worth to mention that the strong the momentum, the longer the histogram bar is going to be. Therefore if you see the MACD lines are moving below the 0 level and the histogram bar is negative and growing longer and longer, it indicates the downtrend is strong.

Conclusion I would say that the MACD indicator is an All-in-One indicator because not only you can follow market trend but also to find out market momentum with it.

People newer to trading are generally familiar with the concept of bull and bear markets so this is a good starting point to begin to understand what we are trying to accomplish when we trade. We look to ride the waves of price, seeking to be long when the waves move up and out or short when they move down. We never really know for sure how a market will move over a certain time period, but we often an know that one or the other is more likely than not, and this can provide us with a trading advantage.

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