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About this book Introduction This book is written for the experienced portfolio manager and professional options traders.

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It is a practical guide offering how to apply options math in a trading world that demands mathematical measurement. Every options trader deals with an array of calculations: beginners learn to identify risks and opportunities using a short list of strategies, while researchers and academics turn to advanced technical manuals. However, almost no books exist for the experienced portfolio managers and professional options traders who fall between these extremes.

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Michael C. It serves as a valuable reference for advanced methods of evaluating issues of pricing, payoff, probability, and risk.

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In his characteristic approachable style, Thomsett simplifies complex hot button issues—such as strategic payoffs, return calculations, and hedging options—that may be mentioned in introductory texts but are often underserved.

The result is a comprehensive book that helps traders understand the mathematic concepts of options trading so that they can improve their skills and outcomes. Keywords investing speculation volatility parity hedging options derivatives covered calls uncovered puts straddles spreads Black-Scholes pricing model Authors and affiliations.

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