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Extraction is a daily reality for baristas, and yet also a much imagined and puzzled over goal, being hotly debated and feverishly chased in myriad ways. One of the most interesting examples of this is the newly announced BKON brewera sleek automatic machine that could possibly do to beverages what the sous-vide mega-trend has done to high-end cooking.

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But the potential of their vacuum beverage infusion and extraction technology extends far beyond tea. Their innovative, patented system allows them to precisely manipulate the pressure within a glass extraction chamber, which can be filled with any sort of organic matter.

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Everything about the extraction process that is applied is programmable, from length and number of water dosage cycles, to vessel and water temperature, to the length of time and depth of pressure during ladder strategy for binary options video vacuum application.

This control gives the BKON the ability to extract multiple infusions of a tea in quick succession over around 60 to 90 seconds, allowing for impressively full-bodied and complex expressions of a given tea combined in one ready to go cup. The same possibilities for controlling extraction are available when applying BKON to coffee. There are even people interested in trying to employ the vacuum tech to make on-demand cold infusions of spirits, oils, and other liquids.

BKON Connect, Inc.

They say that this approach allows them to extremely efficiently extract the full potential of make money online s bkon substances—the dry ginger that Rishi uses in their hibiscus tea blend takes seven minutes to fully extract using standard brewing procedures, but with the BKON, they can extract the full sweetness and aromatic complexity in just 90 seconds.

Despite this extreme extraction potential, they say the actual extraction process is comparatively gentle. Instead of using forced bursts of air or steam for agitation as in other automatic one cup brewers, it is possible to achieve a natural low temperature boil pictured at the top of this feature in the extracting liquid thanks to the drop in atmospheric pressure.

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I tried a number of teas from the BKON booth, including the hibiscus and an Iron Goddess Oolongand every cup I had was impressively sweet and full in both mouthfeel and flavor. BKON has a nice animated explanation of the whole process up on their website. The potential of this technology is already attracting a lot of attention, with a handful of units currently being tested out in the wild.

Our app and design lets you use your own tea if you wish, which is a breakthrough in the beverage arena. Based in Mountain View, California today, with 24 full-time employees, Han said Teforia plans to use its new funds on hiring, manufacturing, marketing and customer support.

An interesting turn of events, since what started the Vastardis brothers down the BKON track was their purchase of the last Clover brewer manufactured before the brewer startup was acquired by Starbucks. The Starbucks acquisition halted their roll-out of the machines, and sparked Dean's interest in building his own machine.

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BKON could easily find its way into any number of Starbucks or other beverage company concepts. The actual technology of the machine is rather complex—BKON says they are quite happy to have Franke, a leader in producing complex super-automatic espresso machines, helping with engineering and production—with the current version using a series of three thermoblock heaters, regulated by a series of temperature probes throughout the machine, being used to ensure on-demand water dispensing at extremely precise temperatures.

A separate vacuum pump system manipulates the air pressure, with a ball valve in the spout of their portafilter device ensuring a tight seal. They've designed the system with a series of different filter inserts for rotating through both coffee and different teas quickly on the same machine, thanks to the integrated rinse cycle. The color-coded baskets are matched to colored recipes on the touch-screen interface, and they have the ability to use many different filter make money online s bkon make money online s bkon customers might make money online s bkon.

These recipes can be uploaded to their Craft Cloud online network, allowing people to exchange precise recipes and develop best practices.

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The first machines are entering into production right now, rolling out to select retail partners in June, with full production beginning in the Fall. Until BKON, nothing has ever been able to deliver on the promise. I am really amazed with the performance of this technology, even with the most complex teas.

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Clearly, people are excited about this technology, and with revolutionary tea extraction being only the beginning, it's easy to see how systems like the BKON could be a powerful tool for creative professionals across a wide range of beverage industries. Alex Bernson is the Assistant Editor at Sprudge. You can read more Bernson here. All photos by Joanna Han joannakarenina for Sprudge.

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