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5 Ways to Make Extra Money During the Holidays

Alesandra Dubin Nov. The varied ways to make extra money during the holidays can be fun, fulfilling — and even spark new potential for satisfying long-term employment relationships.

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Seasonal opportunities include pet care; baking and catering; assembling toys and furniture; delivery driving; babysitting; and many make money on holidays ways to lend an extra helping hand to parents, seniors and others who need it. Babysitting Find a babysitting job Busy parents need sitting any time of year, but that can be especially true during the holiday season while they shop, cook, attend work functions or holiday parties — and find themselves generally overextended.

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As a bonus, this kind of job can pay dividends beyond just extra holiday cash. Caregiver Josh Pearl explains that he recently cared for three kids through a Care. And not only did his role help the family he supported, but he found it personally quite rewarding as well. Delivery driving While COVID has cut off some ways to make extra money during the holidays, it has also created additional opportunities in other areas.

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These jobs, he explains, include delivery drivers, as people are doing more of their shopping online. Nannying Find a nanny job In addition to one-off or regular babysitting opportunities, many families are in need of more regular and extended child care — for instance to travel with them or to help cover long school breaks. Tutoring Find a tutoring job This year provides additional opportunities to make money and provide meaningful support to families as a tutor.

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Tutoring can also help kids bridge any academic backslide during a long winter break. Consider applying for a holiday pet-sittingdog-walking or pet-boarding gig.

Bonus: You get to cuddle with cute animals! House cleaning or organizing Find a housekeeping job House cleaning help can be especially in-demand during the holiday season when people are busier than ever.

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They may want to get their homes in tiptop shape for any holiday gatherings, or need some help cleaning up after them or both. WIth so many presents, toys and decorations swirling around the season, home organizers are in higher demand as well. You can find job listings for housekeepers and house cleaners on Care.

Career Digital Digital Lifestyle Holidays With the holidays fast approaching, many begin creating shopping lists of gift ideas for friends and loved ones.

Apart from these platforms, you might find seasonal work as a driver make money on holidays extra personal and customized care — say, for a child or senior who needs additional assistance. You can start by searching Care.

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Families might provide additional paid work, such as running errands, wrapping gifts, grocery shopping, addressing holiday cards and more.

Assembling The holiday season offers abundant opportunities for anyone with basic know-how or at least patience and willingness to learn to pick up extra cash by helping people assemble things. These might include toys so much effort after the presents are opened or furnishings like extra tables and chairs bought for family gatherings.

Try posting your services on social media, sharing them around your community by word of mouth or checking local classifieds.