Make money from statistics

Six inspirational ways to make money with data Strategy Mika Ruokonen Vice President, Helsinki Companies have woken up to the importance of digital data in their business, as well as the new business opportunities that data gathering and analytics present. The two most obvious ways for companies to commercialize data are: Data is collected and analyzed for product development purposes, used to create better products, which are then to customers. This results in increased sales, products with higher added value or more closed deals. Data is used to identify problems and bottlenecks in internal processes, which are then eliminated to improve business efficiency and profitability.

By Sam Harrison 21st September Tech giants make billions from our bitcoin to euro — why can't we do the same? Sam Harrison tries out companies which pay for personal information, with varying results. C Companies are selling our data and making billions doing so.

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But the damage is already done. Our personal data is out there, and we have lost control of it.

Here are 100+ Ways to Make Money Online

But what if there was a way to claw some of that control back — and make some money in the process? Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie.

make money from statistics

The firm allegedly used the data of 50 million Facebook users to try to influence the US election Credit: Getty Images Moneyspinner?

New companies are emerging, claiming they can finally give us the chance to seize back some ownership of our personal information. By cutting out the middleman and offering more transparency — and a chance to profit — they say they want to give users the means to monitor how their own data is used in a way that tech giants do not.

I like the idea of selling my own data.

Where Online Content Creators Make Money

Trading robot mt5 the promises are true, I will be able to control who uses it and how. I decided to investigate: could my stats be a viable, untapped income? I focus on companies that make it possible for me to earn money straight away.

But at the moment there is no way to convert these ASK into non-crypto assets.

make money from statistics

Most of us take part in online quizzes for fun every now and then — why not answer questions about myself for money? Not the most promising start Most of the people I mention this experiment to had a knee-jerk reaction against it — their instinct was that we need less of our data floating around the internet, not more. And although this quiz will gather a speck of information dust compared to the mountains of data Facebook has about me, handing over my information to a company like CitizenMe — deliberately, no less — seems like an unnecessary extra risk.

make money from statistics

Not the most promising start. At the time of writing, they do not have other opportunities to sell data available.

At 10p, I’ve maxed out my earning potential. Not the most promising start

This sounds more promising. According to the company, all of this data will be sold on to their partners, who will use it for things like targeting for marketing campaigns, market research, or innovation.

Users can choose whether to supply anonymised data — such make money from statistics geolocation — or something that discloses more, like a LinkedIn profile. Once my information is connected to the app, I start selling.

make money from statistics

I give UC Berkeley my device information for 30 days, which will apparently be used to reduce traffic congestion, and receive 20 points. I go through and accept every offer to sell my data, and end up with points before running out of offers. But not all data will be treated the same, he warns.

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Economies of scale The reason our data is so lucrative for big companies is the volumes they are able to scoop up — billions of users feed their algorithms every day. By knowing everything about this make money from statistics user base, firms like Google and Facebook can target advertisements to remarkably make money from statistics audiences — an incredibly lucrative exercise that has, among other things, upended the publishing industry.

But me? I expected to feel empowered by sharing my data myself and bypassing the big companies who usually profit from my information. The transparency that these new companies are offering is a reminder of just how much our data is already being used Instead, I felt vaguely uncomfortable with every piece of make money from statistics I handed over.

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Wibson, Datum and CitizenMe have access to my location data so they knew when I was at home or at the corner shop, what I was posting publicly on social media, even what kind of phone I have. Even though Google, Facebook, and Apple have access to all this data — and more — the permission structure is buried deep in their terms and conditions. The transparency that these new companies are offering is a reminder of just how much our data is already being used.

And as more of these companies emerge and the concept of individuals monetising their own data spreads, there might be.

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