Make money and die

Maximum words Submit Money is fundamental to life: but I do believe that one person can have too much.

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But surly, people who state this must understand that in order to become successful without money you must either 1 renounce your economic attachment, and join a society which doesn't use money or 2 accept that you will make money and die on the bottom rung of modern society. Things you enjoy for me it's jujitsu, real investment option to own my own house so I'm not paying for someone else's dream, owning make money and die own hybrid electric car, having a family and sending my children to private school, socialising with my friends cost money, with few exception.

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You can argue that looking at the stars if free, but, the food you require to even exist to view this sceptical costs money. I simply do not understand this. Work your whole life for nothing, or go down in a blaze of glory, possibly taking a bank clerk and a security guard with you.

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I do also think that you can have too much money I'm a 30 year old student, so I have nonebut, why should I share any wealth with you: I need it! I can fully understand if you disagree with me, you either have money, you are a moron or very naiveor you are fully content with having nothing.

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