Make millions on the Internet, Mark Anastasi Explains His Online Business Success

Additional comments by Brian T. Bryan: How has the internet changed your life? The Internet allowed me to connect with millions of people, from around the world, that were looking for products to buy!

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  • While these are great if you want to earn multiple streams of income, not all of them will become a million-dollar business.
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By applying the marketing strategy suggested to me by my mentor — The Laptop Millionaire — my business took off like a rocket. Mark's story is not an isolated incident. There are numerous people who are starting online businesses and making anywhere from a few hundred extra dollars a month to creating full-time incomes on the internet.

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Whether you are just looking to make some extra money with a side hustle or want to create a full-time income with your own business the internet is one of the most available vehicles to do that due to the low costs of entry compared to traditional businesses. Mark Anastasi: I wrote a page ebook on alternative therapies, uploaded it to Clickbank.

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The simple method described above still works today. You can sell digital information products online including ebooks and utilize marketplaces like Clickbank which is one of the most popular platforms for selling products onlineor sell the products directly from your own site.

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While you can still use Google Adwords as a method to drive traffic, another popular option today is using Facebook advertising and usng banners ads on other websites. Bryan: How sustainable was the income from your first project? Twenty-seven streams of passive income.

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This is one of the biggest make millions on the Internet of selling digital information products online. You work once to create the product, upload it, then there are virtually no costs associated with the sales Recruiting affiliates and offering them commissions to help generate sales is a great way to reach more people and increase sales.

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Bryan: Which of these 32 ways are the most profitable? Which ones work best for you? Mark Anastasi: Here is the list of 32 strategies that have been proven to work for myself and my students: Commenting on blogs, forums, Amazon, questions sites, Facebook Pages, YouTube videos Twitter, the Twitter JV strategy, and the Twitter Direct Reply strategy Selling tweets and retweets!

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Uploading videos to YouTube, YouTube video hijacking, YouTube advertising Giving away viral ebooks that include affiliate links Selling ebooks on Clickbank Licensing products, bundling them, and selling them!

List building and email marketing!

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O get your sites ranked on the search engines, and get free search traffic Review sites.