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January 5, at a.

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By Katie Lobosco CNN A second round of stimulus payments are on the way and many eligible families are expected to receive the money this month. The first payments started going out on December 29 and will continue to be sent through January Many of the same people will receive the money again, but there are some small eligibility differences.

When and how will the money be sent?

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Recipients may have seen a direct deposit pending in their bank account as early as December 29, but the funds became officially available January 4. Checks also began going out last week. Some people may not receive the money the same way as in the first round.

If you received a preloaded debit card last year, the payment will not be added to that card.

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The law requires the Internal Revenue Service to stop issuing the payments after January Those not issued a payment by then will have wait to claim it on their tax return.

The money will either increase your refund or reduce the taxes you owe.

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Eligibility is largely based on income. Some people who received the first payment may be phased out of the second round because the payments are smaller. But in a change from the first round, their spouses and children are now eligible as long as they have Social Security numbers.

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