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The earnings conference call is a way for companies to relay information to all interested parties, including institutional and individual investors, as well as buy- and sell-side analysts. Conference calls allow companies to highlight successes during prosperous times and calm fears during adverse ones.

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The most popular time for companies to conduct these calls is immediately following the release of financial results, typically at the end of each quarter.

These are known as quarterly earnings results conference calls.

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Key Takeaways Earnings conference calls are a formal way for companies to relay information to interested parties, including institutional investors, individual investors, and financial analysts. Companies most often conduct earnings conference calls immediately following the release of financial results, typically at the end of each quarter.

Real-time online streaming has allowed average investors to access conference calls, which can be found easily on the investor relations sections of companies' websites.

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Conference call audio is generally available on-demand after the completion of the call. Understanding Earnings Conference Calls During a conference call, investors and analysts can call in over the phone or listen online to hear a company's management comment on the financial results of a recently completed quarter.

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The call begins with the conference's operator, or host, who introduces the management team. By acknowledging future-looking statements, the company reminds investors not to assume that everything discussed in the call will happen for listen.

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Management typically reports the key financial information, summarizing the company's bottom-line performance, and augmenting it with commentary.

Conference call listen usually include the chairman, CEOCFOand—depending on the company and the events under discussion—various other executives. These individuals provide an overview of all the major issues that affected the company's performance during the last quarter.

A conference call generally ends with a question and answer period, when analysts and investors can ask informed questions regarding the company. Most analysts and investors agree this is probably the most important part of the entire conference call, as analysts are able to pose questions to management about any area of the company's performance that wasn't clear or that requires elaboration.

As an individual investor, you probably won't get to ask your own personal questions.

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Keep in mind that there are often thousands of people on a conference call, and it would be impossible for the management to answer everybody. However, if you listen to the analysts' questions, your question will most likely be answered.

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What to Listen for on Earnings Conference Calls Even though conference calls are live events, the discussion from the CEO and CFO at the beginning of the call is mostly a recap of company press releases. The analysis and projections in a conference call tell you how the company is doing currently and how the management expects performance to be in the future.

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Some analysts and investors believe that by focusing on the tone and the manner in which the message is delivered, further information can be gained about the company and its future. Pay close attention to how the company's management responds.

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The analysts' questions are neither rehearsed nor submitted before the conference call, so this is your chance to see how candidly and confidently top management can back up the company's performance under pressure. There have been countless cases of a company's management fumbling a question during a conference call, thus causing the stock to be punished in the following days.

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More than anything, conference calls can be used to get a gut feel for the company's management. You can read about projected earnings in listen financial publications, but numbers on paper can never convey the tone of a CEO's voice.

Notice if this mood has changed from past quarters and think about what might have caused a change.

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The more conference calls you hear, the more you'll develop a good sense of how to distinguish between strong and weak management. You can usually find them in the investor relations section of companies' websites, among other places.

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They are also usually available online as audio that can be listened to on-demand after the completion of the call. Some companies also have publicly-accessible archives dating back several years. You can easily find out when companies are holding their calls by visiting the various online stock research sites.

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The more calls you listen to, the buy satoshi you will get at deciphering them. Although a lot of information on the conference calls can be easily accessed elsewhere, calls can also yield important tidbits of information—especially in the question and answer period—that can help you learn more about a potential investment.

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