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Read The Balance's editorial policies Madison DuPaix Updated November 20, Online jobs for teenagers can be a source of income for those who want to earn some money.

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If you are of legal age to work, you might be able to find some opportunities online. Be sure to discuss your plans to work online with your parents, teachers or a mentor. There are plenty of legitimate ways to earn money online, but there are people who try to take advantage of inexperienced young adults.

Check your state and local regulations for working as a minor as well. There are varying regulations for each along with federal laws to comply with. Sites like Etsy offer an opportunity to make money as an artist.

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You can try to sell your art—whether it's drawings, paintings or homemade earrings. If you can make it, you can sell it on Etsy.

Watching six-second videos is a popular past-time for many teens. If you are hanging out with your friends having a good time legal earnings on the Internet for students laughing, you may be able to share six seconds of it with others and legal earnings on the Internet for students them laugh also and possibly make money doing.

The internet allows you to draw and upload your comics, start your own site to host them and charge people to read or buy them.

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Comics are still popular, and there is always a need for new super-heroes, villains, or interesting content. Many cartoonists and comic writers have had their work picked up and turned into movies or television shows.

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What you write about or do is up to you. You could write fiction, a journal of your day, or give a young person's perspective on the world or national issues that interest you.

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Vlogging is very popular with younger people because it allows them to see what other teens are up to. It also allows them to express themselves in the way they want, with who they want. If you are already creating videos and have a decent following, you may be able to receive products from your favorite product lines to do reviews on.

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If you are a gamer and can talk about video games, do reviews of all the games you can. If you like movies, review them.

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Be constructive in your reviews, stating what is good or not so good and why. The reasons you like a product may be reasons someone else does not like it.

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If you are really good at a video game, there are possibilities to earn money in esports tournaments. Join some gaming communities, and look for competitive gaming events in your area. If you are good enough you might be picked up by a scout. If not, you could still be good enough to make money in smaller tournaments or events.