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Updated Jan 6, What Is an Issue? An issue is the process of offering securities in order to raise funds from investors. Companies may issue bonds or stocks to investors as a method of financing the business. The term "issue" also refers to a series of stocks or bonds that have been offered to the public and typically relates to the set of instruments that were released under one offering. Key Takeaways An issue is an offering of new securities to investors in hopes of raising capital.

Securities Act Section 2 a 1 None Section Securities Act Section 2 a 2 [Reserved] Section Securities Act Section 2 a 3 Question Answer: No, as there is no sale of the dividend shares under the Securities Act.

Answer: No, issue of options of an issuer there is no sale. The transfer does not effect a change in the beneficial ownership of the securities.

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The issuer contemplates that some of the preferred stock may be issued at a later date in a series that permits immediate conversion of the preferred into common stock. Must the issuer register the common stock on the shelf registration statement at the time of effectiveness?

Answer: No. When this series of convertible preferred stock is to be offered at a later date, however, the common stock underlying it would have to be registered in a issue of options of an issuer registration statement unless the conversion is exempt, e. An alternative would be for the shelf registration statement at the outset to include a sufficient amount of common stock to cover the issuance pursuant to the issue of options of an issuer series.

Answer: Yes.

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Because the securities are convertible or exercisable within one year, an offering of both the overlying security and underlying security is deemed to be taking place.

If such securities are not convertible or exercisable within one year, the issuer may choose not to register the underlying securities at the time of registering the convertible securities or warrants. However, the underlying securities must be registered no later than the date such securities become convertible or exercisable by their terms, if no exemption for such conversion or exercise is available.

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Where securities are convertible only at the option of the issuer, the underlying securities must be registered at the time the offer and sale of the convertible securities are registered since the entire investment decision that investors will be making is at the time of purchasing the convertible securities.

The security holder, by purchasing a convertible security that is convertible only at the option of the issuer, is in effect also deciding to accept the underlying security.

Securities Act Sections 2 a 5 to 2 a 9 [Reserved] Section Securities Act Section 2 a 4 Question Even though a series of beneficial units or limited partnership interests may represent interests in a separate or discrete set of assets — and not in the statutory trust or limited partnership as a whole — unless the series is a separate legal entity, it cannot be a co-registrant for Securities Act or Exchange Act purposes.

For these types of offerings, the disclosure in the Securities Act registration statement or Exchange Economic term option report should be presented on a series basis, including series-level 1 financial statements and audit opinions, 2 business and property descriptions, 3 risk factor disclosure, and 4 evaluations and disclosure about the effectiveness of disclosure controls and procedures and internal controls and procedures.

In addition, materiality determinations generally should be made at the series level.

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Securities Act Section 2 a 10 Question Rule provides that a final Section 10 a prospectus will be deemed to precede or accompany the carrying or delivery of a security for sale for purposes of Securities Act Section 5 b 2 and provides a conditional exemption from Securities Act Section 5 b 1 for written confirmations and notices of allocations. Securities Act Section 2 a 11 Question Did this amendment also change the Commission's interpretation, as set forth in Securities Act Release No.

Is there a particular form that these representations must take? As a condition to it not objecting to the registration of these offerings, the staff has requested that issuers make certain representations.

Structure and features[ edit ] Warrants have similar characteristics to that of other equity derivatives, such as options, for instance: Exercising: A warrant is exercised when the holder informs the issuer their intention to purchase the shares underlying the warrant. The warrant parameters, such as exercise price, are fixed shortly after the issue of the bond.

Over time, the staff has observed some variation in representations that are being provided. These representations need not follow any particular form so long as they address the following essential matters: The issuer has not entered into any arrangement or understanding with any person who will receive Exchange Securities in the Exchange Offer to distribute those securities following completion of the Offer.

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The issuer is not aware of any person that will participate in the Exchange Offer with a view to distribute the Exchange Securities. The issuer will include in the transmittal letter an acknowledgement to be executed by each person participating in the Exchange Offer that such participant does not intend to engage in a distribution of the Exchange Securities. In addition, the issuer will include in the transmittal letter an acknowledgement for each person that is a broker-dealer exchanging securities it acquired for its own account as a result of market-making activities or other trading activities that such broker-dealer will satisfy any prospectus delivery requirements in connection with any resale of Exchange Securities received pursuant to the Exchange Offer.

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If the representations clearly state the essential matters outlined above, the staff does not believe that this additional disclosure is necessary. Any person acquiring Exchange Securities with a view to distributing them must be identified as an underwriter in the prospectus and must comply with all applicable requirements.

In addition, a broker-dealer acquiring Exchange Securities may be required to deliver a prospectus in connection with resales if it is relying on the exemption in Section 4 a 3 of the Securities Act. The staff believes that the representations may be provided either in the prospectus or in correspondence submitted in connection with the filing.

Securities Act Section 3 a 2 None Section Securities Act Section 3 a 3 None Sections to Securities Act Sections 3 a 4 to 3 a 5 [Reserved] Section Securities Act Section 3 a 6 None Sections and Securities Act Sections 3 a 7 and 3 a 8 [Reserved] Section Securities Act Section 3 a 9 Question Will the issuance of any additional stock paid as dividends also be exempt?

Once the issuer has fully and unconditionally assumed the obligations on the debt securities of the other issuer, the transaction becomes the exchange of that obligation for the new security of the issuer with its existing security holders.

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An issuer proposes to use the services of a proxy solicitor in connection with an exchange transaction. Would Section 3 a 9 be available for the transaction? Answer: Yes, but only if the services of the solicitor are ministerial and involve no recommendation with respect to the proposed exchange or encouragement to vote in a particular manner.

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The waiver of accrued but unpaid dividends would not make the exemption unavailable. The subsidiary proposes to offer a new debenture in exchange for the guaranteed debenture.

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The new debenture will not be guaranteed by its parent. Will the Section 3 a 9 exemption be available for the exchange? Accordingly, Section 3 a 9 would not be available. For examples of the types of activities of a third party, such as a financial advisor, that are consistent with the Section 3 a 9 exemption, see the Seaman Furniture Co.

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In order to constitute the disqualifying type of remuneration or commission specified in Section 3 a 9the remuneration must be paid or given for soliciting the exchange of securities. It should be noted, however, that if the investment banker is also conducting soliciting activities, the Section 3 a 9 exemption would not be available.

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For example, if restricted securities are exchanged, the new securities are deemed to be restricted securities and tacking of the holding period of the former securities is permitted. In the case of a registration statement pertaining to an offering of convertible debentures and the common stock underlying the debentures, Rule typically is not applicable to the continuous offering of the underlying common stock because that offering is exempt from registration pursuant to Section 3 a 9.

In cases where the Section 3 a 9 exemption is unavailable for example, where securities are convertible into securities of another issuer, where conversion terms require that the shareholder pay consideration at the time of conversion, or where conversion arrangements involve the payment of compensation for soliciting the conversion and absent another exemption, which part of Rule is applicable?

Answer: Rule a 1 iv. Canadian law will currently tax the disposition of shares in a Canadian enterprise through a business combination, but provides an exemption where the consideration is paid in securities of another Canadian issuer.

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To allow Canadian shareholders to qualify for this tax deferral, U. The Canadian subsidiary's shares also carry the right to convert into shares of the U. May the U. Section 3 a 9 exempts from registration exchanges of securities by the issuer exclusively with its own security holders.

By its terms, the exemption is not available for issuer exchanges of its securities with the security holders of another person, even including security holders of a subsidiary. Notwithstanding other similarities between the parent and subsidiary shares, ownership of a subsidiary's securities in this fact pattern intrinsically represents an ownership interest in the subsidiary that is not directly shared by security holders of the parent.

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As a result, conversion to the parent's securities cannot satisfy the "same-issuer" requirement of Section 3 a 9. Prior to the bankruptcy filing, may the company rely on Section 3 a 9 for a solicitation of security holders, and then, following the bankruptcy filing, complete the exchange pursuant to the registration exemption in Section of the Bankruptcy Code?

In this instance, the company would need to file a Form T-3 before commencing the pre-bankruptcy filing solicitation. Securities Act Section 3 a 10 Section Securities Act Section 3 a 11 Question Answer: There is no prohibition in Securities Act Rule regarding general advertising or general solicitation. Any such general advertising or solicitation, however, must be conducted in a manner consistent with the requirement that offers made in reliance on Section issue of options of an issuer a 11 and Rule be made only to persons resident within the state or territory of which the issuer is a resident.

Securities Act Section 3 a 12 None Sections to Securities Act Unary options are 4 2 Question When the primary sale will be made in reliance upon the How to make money for your home 4 2 exemption, having a registration statement for resale on file before the private offering takes place would cast doubt upon the validity of the exemption because distribution is clearly contemplated.

Also, the registration of a secondary offering under such circumstances may call into question whether the offering is a genuine secondary.

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Internet earnings myth reality resale registration statement may be filed if securities are privately placed, with the closing of the private placement contingent on filing or effectiveness of a resale registration statement. At issue of options of an issuer time of filing the registration statement, the purchasers in the private placement must be irrevocably bound to purchase the securities subject only to the filing or effectiveness of the registration statement or other conditions outside their control, and the purchase price must be established at the time of the private placement.

The purchase price cannot be contingent on the market price at the time of effectiveness of the registration statement.

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Is this consistent with Section 5 of the Securities Act? The filing of a registration statement for a specific securities offering as contrasted with a generic shelf registration constitutes a general solicitation for that securities offering, thus rendering Section 4 2 unavailable for the same offering.