Is it worth buying tokens, TIP: Consider Buying the Token After the ICO

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With that the landscape has changed. So keep that in mind when dealing with ICOs.

TIP: Consider Buying the Token After the ICO

TIP: Sometimes a pre-sale will offer deep discounts. If you have access to a round before the public round, it may be worth buying early.

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It has an interface for DApps and a wallet for all Ethereum-based assets. That means you can use decentralized exchanges like EtherDelta with ease.

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Granted, that is a lot of ifs, but it is none-the-less true. Not only does it fetch you a better price on average, it is also avoids you locking up your investable funds for months and missing gains in a coin like Ether ether is used to buy into many ICOs.

Here I have to note, if you do want to wait until after the token goes live to buy, you should almost never buy a token right after the ICO as prices tend to be high for a moment. What you should do instead is wait a few days at least, perhaps a week, but as long as a month or two before buying and inversely, generally it can be fruitful to sell is it worth buying tokens token right after the ICO and then buy again later.

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The problem with ICOs is that they pose risk upfront, and then generally see their token prices decline afterwords. That one two punch makes even some really interesting ICOs lackluster in practice compared to other methods of obtaining the tokens. Not only that, but 9 times out of 10 your Ether or whatever you use to buy the token will be worth more.

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Thus, this one, two, three punch generally goes from lackluster to actually kind of frustrating. That is going to require these tokens to really rally for you to get your money back. All of this said, some tokens really do rally.

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Thus, no one should be feeling bad about supporting an ICO they dig and sticking with it. However, in terms of a pure money making opportunity, like I said, 9 times out of 10 you want to buy the token on the open is it worth buying tokens after launch. Your Ether will likely buy more tokens, and the tokens will generally be cheaper.

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The bottom line being: almost every time buying into an ICO offers less value than buying the token after it launches.