Is it possible to make money by bidding

Auction Buying to Resell: The Basics

What if you have some great writing samples either print or online and are ready to focus on quality rather than quantity while earning the money you truly deserve? Job bidding sites like Guru and oDesk have given me even more economic and creative opportunities than mills, especially as a blogger and book editor.

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It literally is like an eBay for writers and all types of work-from-home professionals. I have garnered numerous clients on bidding sites for press release writing, environmental blog writing, horoscope writing, financial blog writing, divorce blog writing, book editing, and publicity campaigns.

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Like any site, once you learn the system you can and will succeed. Good rates are possible on the bidding sites. If you have a resume and a few writing clips to show potential clients, you can do the same.

This is extremely important. So many writers give in to deprivation thinking.

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Twelve-step groups like Underearners AnonymousDebtors Anonymous, and Workaholics Anonymous are full of writers with financial problems. Believe me, I personally know this.

Set a goal of how many bids you will make per day. The more bids you get out there — especially at first when you have little or no client feedback posted online — the better you will do.

How to Bid Jobs so You Can Make Money Even with Employees!

I wish you the best of luck in your journey to financial freedom and creative prosperity. Have you used bidding sites?

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