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Even if the general market does slow down, certain sectors continue to hold strong potential for continued growth. Healthcare tends to be a durable sector, even when the general market is misbehaving.

It may represent an opportunity to continue generating double-digit returns even in a less cooperative market.

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  • Yet, specific industries, and within these industries, specific IoT use cases, clearly stick out.
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Not only has the sector underperformed the general market for the past several years, but the geopolitical situation in the oil-rich Middle East seems to be heating up, particularly between the US and Iran. Any significant disruption in oil flowing from that region can cause energy to spike across-the-board.

That might make now an excellent time to get on board with clean energy.

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For the internet investment 2020 months ending November internet investment 2020,the fund had a return of Clean energy may turn out to one of the big plays for the entire decade. But owning properties can be as much of an occupation as it is an investment. Rule number two — remember rule number one. You can own real estate through REITs.

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They typically specialize in certain sectors, like office buildings, retail space, or warehouse internet investment 2020 storage facilities. But perhaps the best pick of all for and beyond will be apartment REITs.

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With house prices rising beyond the range of affordability in many of the markets with the best jobs, renting is becoming the housing mode of choice.

With housing prices rising steadily in those markets, apartments should continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. Apartment REITs can prove to be a strong alternative to an all-stock portfolio, providing positive returns even if the stock market stalls out.

The industry is largely private, but there are a few ways to bet on the new space race.

One of the major reasons for career stagnation is a lack of qualifications. That can be either an important certification in your career field, or a certain skill set that would enable you to advance.

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You can usually obtain these qualifications by taking college courses, online courses, or even participating in programs offered in your industry. And you can often acquire additional skills by similarly taking courses, or by ordering online programs specializing in whatever skill you need. You may even be able to learn new skills on YouTube.

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Whatever direction you take, it will require an investment of time, effort, and yes, a certain amount of money. It may also be that you see no serious future in your current job or occupation. If so, investing in yourself will be even more important.

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The job market in the 21st century is in a constant state of flux. The only way to remain relevant in your occupation is to keep yourself and your skills on the cutting edge. Numbers like that show that not only is it becoming a common practice, but the field is large enough for you to launch your own site ventures.

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At most, you may need to invest a few hundred dollars, or no more than a few thousand dollars. But the extra income internet investment 2020 will generate can pay you back many times over.