Internet income of individuals. Digital divide persists even as lower-income Americans make gains in tech adoption

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The results were to be publicly released later on Wednesday. The survey results demonstrate the growing importance of the internet in everyday communication as the way consumers access content changes.

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The gain of Census Bureau found that 78 percent used the internet in Novemberup from 75 percent in Julywhen the previous survey was conducted. It found that in64 percent of Americans used a smartphone, compared with 53 percent inand tablet use increased to 32 percent from 29 percent in At the same time, desktop computer use fell to 30 percent in from 34 percent in Laptop use by Americans was unchanged at 46 percent, while those with Smart TV and TV-connected devices jumped to 34 percent in from 27 percent in The survey involvedpeople in more than 52, U.

It was the largest U.

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The report found senior citizens have increased their internet usage since the last survey to 63 percent, up from 56 percent in Among Hispanics, 72 percent used the internet inup from 66 percent inthe survey found. The FCC has said that 97 percent of Americans in urban areas have access Internet income of individuals high-speed fixed service, while only 65 percent of Americans in rural areas have such access.