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Over the past decade, cryptocurrency exchanges have been sprouting up around the world, contributing to billions of dollars in trading volumes. So, how do these digital asset exchanges make money? Commissions Perhaps the most well-known monetization method for exchanges cryptocurrency and traditional stock exchanges alike is to charge commissions on trades.

This commission is effectively a fee for the service of facilitating a trade between the buyer and seller. Naturally, such low commissions necessitate relatively large daily trading volumes.

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With that being said, top exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry boast daily trading volumes in the range of hundreds of billions of US dollars—thereby generating 8-figure commissions and more for successful exchanges.

If an exchange can attract multi-billion dollar volumes, it becomes clear how profitable these ventures can become. As the cryptocurrency market matures and expands, we can expect that digital asset exchanges will enjoy increasingly large volumes and thus commission revenues.

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Listing Fees Newer cryptocurrency exchanges will inevitably struggle with minimal volume during their early stages. As such, it is unrealistic for these exchanges to rely exclusively on commission revenue during this phase.

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Alternatively, digital asset exchanges can introduce a token and coin listing service to drive initial revenues. While there have been exchanges with incredibly low volumes which have nonetheless produced billions of dollars for their founders in the form of listing fees, it should be noted that competition for token and coin listing has become fierce.

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It goes without saying that this is an unethical business practice and should be avoided at all costs. Market Making Another great revenue stream for cryptocurrency exchanges is market making, or producing liquidity for a given financial instrument. In its simplest form, market making how to make money on bitcoin exchange of buying and selling a digital asset on how to make money on bitcoin exchange own exchange, at slightly less desirable prices than on another exchange.

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Once the trade occurs on your own exchange, you place a trade on a different exchange which offsets your previous trade, and you pocket the difference. This technique works particularly well when automated and applied to markets with large spreads that is, the difference between the bid and ask price. A similar strategy comprises the syndication of new trading pairs out of existing instruments.

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This solution could be implemented for any other currency in place of THB in this example. In this context, your exchange serves as a repository for people to buy tokens before they go to an exchange—kind of like how Kickstarter works.

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So, how does the exchange make money in this process? When the exchange collects funds on behalf of the fundraising company, it charges a percentage of total proceeds as a fee. Depending on the final amount raised, such a percentage could yield a large payout for the hosting exchange.

Takeaway In summary, here is a bullet-point recap of how cryptocurrency exchanges derive revenue: Commissions: Exchange charges a fee per trade, accumulating revenue as more users trade more money.

Market Making: Exchange yields a profit while providing liquidity to users.

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