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By Jordan OlomanFord James 25 November Seek your fortune in the multiplayer Old West by finding out how to make money fast in Red Dead Online Comments Shares It pays literally to know how to make money fast in Red Dead Online, and having this skill can really help you through the tough times in the Old West by helping you collect those virtual dollars. If you've played through the main story you'll already have an appreciation of how difficult it is to raise funds, but believe us that it's even harder once you head online, so you'll definitely want to find some Red Dead Online money making methods that work for you.

The usual activities for earning cash, such as lifting valuable items from the corpses of your fallen enemies, are much less effective in Red Dead Onlineso you'll need to source other ways to gather that green.

You can unlock options for purchasing more expensive items and upgrades, while you streamline your spending with our handy guide on how to make money fast in Red Dead Online.

You can loot most of what you can buy, so do some exploring and stock up that way. Save up first for the weapons that you need to hunt properly, and keep a nest egg for bait to fish and stable upkeep. Any other expense you should probably question.

Making Money

Jump into story missions This is by far and away the easiest method of making quick money, though it comes with a catch. Much like GTA Online, you get rewards for fulfilling certain criteria within missions, so look out for those in your log and how to make money in the west them out in future playthroughs for maximum turnover.

This many people creates a viable market for entrepreneurs seeking a new business opportunity. With some creative thinking, entrepreneurs can find some unusual ways to make money in West Virginia. Black Bear Impersonation The black bear received the honor of becoming the official state animal in

You can receive these documents intermittently by ranking up in Red Dead Online - you get one at Level 10, then at every 5 levels after that - but you also pick them up at random from bandit leaders who inhabit gang hideouts. Hideouts appear at random, and you will have to wipe out his minions first before you get this prompt make sure to loot everybody for maximum return.

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Whatever you choose, there is a chance to receive a treasure map from his corpse or via a box hidden in the area. How to make money in the west you know where the hideouts are in single-player, this has some vague crossover and you can use this to your advantage and cycle between them. These three weapons will set you up nicely to hunt small and big game.

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This will ensure you have a stable means of income when the game boots you out into the cold. Bison and Deer are your best bet.

Make sure to only shoot for the vital organs and go after animals that are three-stars to secure a clean and profitable kill.

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  • To obtain that shiny long-range sniper or that powerful and agile horseyou'll have to work for it.
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Until you pick up the Bolt-Action, we found it was easy to farm perfect Sheep pelts at the farm in Valentine. The local Butcher is just around the corner too.

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One of these involves finding particular houses off the beaten path, that are curiously stuffed with loot cabinets. Simply quit your instance and reload back into free roam when prompted to join a new server and restock the cabinet.

Keep doing this and your pockets will be lined in no time.

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The other option is effective but takes a long time. Flat Iron Lake seems to be a strong spot for it at the moment. Other fish are useful too, but this is the main money-making catch in the area.

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This can also be done in the Grizzlies to catch Sockeye Salmon, which yield a similar amount of cash but have to be stored on your horse. Earning money in Red Dead Online seems to be all about efficiency, so find something that works for you.

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