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Write a Novel or Self-Help Book Telling your real-life story for cash Almost every newspaper or magazine you pick up will feature at least one real-life story — often tragic, absurd or moving. So, if you have an experience that fits the bill, there is every chance you can tell your real-life story in exchange for a few hundred or sometimes even a few thousand pounds. Yes, really!

Pick rich parents who die young or have a wealthy uncle with no other heirs.

Step 1: Know what to expect Before you even think about picking up the phone or drafting an email to sell your story, make sure you are completely comfortable with having your life in the public domain. Remember your friends, family and random strangers you may still meet are likely to read or hear about your story. So you need to be sure that you can cope with the possibility of negative reactions. You need to remember that anyone else involved in your story will likely have an opinion on you sharing it, too.

10 ways to make money just by living your best life — literally

That way, you can discuss any objections that they have before the fact. Here are a few things to consider: How much are you willing to disclose?

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If so, not including them might be a problem. Do you have photographs? This increases the amount publications are willing to pay.

It might also be the clincher in sealing the deal. Make sure you own the copyright before you commit to sharing photographs with the publication. Do you have legal representation? If your story is of a sensitive nature, involving other parties, this is important.

How organised are you? Should you ever be embroiled in legal battles over the story, you need to be able to provide a record of all conversations with potential buyers.

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

Here are some things to consider: What kind of story do you have to tell? Who are the people that you want to tell your story to? Do magazines feature these sorts of stories?

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Is it better to approach a newspaper? Who is the audience for your story, and what publications do they read? How to make money in life Different magazines obviously have different types of readership, so take some time reading various ones to see where your real-life story might work best.

This should give you an idea of the target audience.

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Will they be interested in your story? Magazines with a teenage readership may find stories about bullying, family drama and friendship feuds fascinating.

10 ways to make money just by living your best life — literally

An upmarket glossy like Marie Claire may feature completely different kinds of stories, such as those concerning travel experiences, mental health or careers. Remember, all these publications have websites too. You might have a better chance of selling your story this way, as print space is always at a premium.

In a bind? Need some fast cash? Some are easier than others, but nearly all require very little to no capital. They are meant to get you through the difficult times. We've all found ourselves in a tight spot at one point in our lives or another, but to the person who's committed, anything is possible.

Newspapers If your story touches upon contemporary issues and has widespread appeal — perhaps a failed operation or how you had to sell the family home to pay off debts — it may be more appropriate for a newspaper feature article. Step 3: Call around Some national newspapers like The Sun and The Mirror have phone numbers and email addresses specifically for if you want to sell your real life story.

Similarly, magazines like Take A Break have a separate section on their website to help you sell them your story.

For an alphabetical list of all the newspapers and magazines in the UK along with contact details go to the Media. As for topics that work well?

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Saucy stories always work well, and so do any incredible transformations — e. Step 4: Get PR help You could also consider using a press agency to sell your real life story for you.

32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast

They often have the best contacts and, although they take a percentage of your fee, they may end up helping you get more money. If you think your story will be highly sought-after it may be worthwhile using an agent or public relations company.

These agents have the expertise to sell it for the highest price by creating a how to make money in life war. They will also help you organise any legal contracts.

Joshua Kennon Updated October 20, When you start out seeking to increase your wealth, you may find yourself hoping to find the secret to making money. After all, it can seem so difficult; if it were easy, wouldn't everyone do it? These secrets are simple, but the principles behind them will serve to guide your decision-making on your path to financial freedom. Learn how to make money and the mindset necessary for your success. Know This Formula When it comes down to it, the money you make can be expressed in a simple formula: Revenue minus expenses equals profit.

They may even be able to help you get paid work on TV documentaries and chat shows. How much can you earn?

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Once a paper has agreed to buy your story they may ask you to sign an exclusive deal, forbidding you from selling how to make money in life story to another publication. However, if the story is good enough you may be able to sign a joint contract allowing you to sell your story to both a newspaper and a magazine.

This is where it can be useful either to work through an agency or to get legal advice.

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Set up your own blog If you enjoy writing yourself, the best way to tell your story may be to start your very own blog and use it as an binary options olymptrade strategy journal of sorts. More than that, blogs often serve as stepping stones toward bigger things with more earning potential.

This might include writing commissions or speaking opportunities. Some bloggers have even managed to turn their experience and content into a book deal!

12 Ways To Make Big Money In Life

Step 1: Set up your blog All you need to start blogging is a blog address and something to say. Which platform to choose There are numerous blogging platforms out there offering sign-up, templates and hosting for absolutely free. Here are a few of the top ones:.

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