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These days, just about anything can be purchased online, from clothing to toys to vacations to furniture to school supplies to groceries. A couple simple clicks and your desired item is on your doorstep within days. As Avon representatives, our online web stores can be a huge source of potential sales and earnings.

Customers can order through our web store, pay Avon directly, and have their items shipped directly to their home.

Achieving Beautiful Dreams with Avon

You likely already set it up the first time you logged into the youravon. You can find your web store url by going to the Web Office page on youravon. Our earnings on online orders get credited to our Avon account as soon as the order ships to customers.

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They will then apply to your balance on your next regular order, thus reducing your payment and leaving your online earnings in your pockets!

You can view your direct delivery earnings on the Direct Delivery Earning Report, which is located on the My Orders page of youravon.

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Put it in your email signature. Put it on labels on samples.

How much can you earn with Avon

Put it everywhere you can! Be sure to include a personal message every time you post.

How To Make Money Selling Avon

When customers click on your Social Media Center post, it will lead them directly to your web store. The more you post, the more views your blog will receive.

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A blog is a great way to let your love of Avon shine! My blog which you are reading right now is hosted on WordPress. This will help you to stay knowledgeable about the current special offers.

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Promote those offers. To check your web store email settings, go how to make money in avon via the Internet the Web Office on youravon.

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Click on Personalization Tool, the select the Customer Preferences tab. Consider offering your own special deals to encourage orders. TIP 10 — Get brochures into customer hands! Share this:.