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Imagine this scenario for a moment. You're six-hundred thousand dollars in debt. Your credit line is tapped out. Creditors are hounding you for payments. You're late paying back everything. To top it all off, the bank seizes your house and sells it off as a short sale. Just to add insult to injury, your spouse divorces you. Okay, so maybe this situation isn't so unique.

But, what's unique is the ability to turn it around and quite literally build a billion-dollar business. That's the story of Howard Panes.

1. Start an Online Business

And it's one of the most inspiring modern-day tales of rags-to-riches that possibly could exist. I've gotten to know Panes after a string of interviews. I've spoken to him at length about his past ordeals. What he did was little short of miraculous. Panes, for all intents and purposes, is the godfather of the disposable electronic cigarette. Yes, many of you know it well. His company, Logicis a proverbial behemoth in the marketplace.

They drive their earnings and wealth-building pursuits into the billions, meaning net worths totaling 10, and in some cases, 11 figures. If you're the hyper-ambitious type, interested in following in the footsteps of this upper echelon of the top one percent, here are 10 ways to make your first billion dollars using the real-world trajectories of today's billionaire legends. Both of these eleven-figure entrepreneurs leveraged the power of the internet to build their businesses and their billions.

After a buyout by Japan Tobacco, Panes was left liquid. Extremely liquid.

But, the amount of money he hauled in was less important than what he learned along the way. My question? How do you build a billion dollar company?

There’s a .00006% Chance of Building a Billion Dollar Company: How This Man Did It

What are the necessary ingredients? And, how do you go about doing it when your back is quite literally against the wall? Not at all. It takes focus. Pure unadulterated focus. Is it well worth it?

The Path to Billion-Dollar Business

But, most people have witnessed the meteoric rise in other so-called unicorns. They've seen how they've gone from a company with little to no value, to the hottest thing since sliced bread. The question then becomes, how do you do it? I asked Panes this very question.

8 Essentials for Building a Billion Dollar Company

How do you build a billion-dollar company? That's the real question, isn't it? That's the question that entrepreneurs are asking themselves around the world. Some think they need to be well-funded.

Others think they need the best employees. To others, it's something else. So what does it really take at the end of the day? At the expense of sounding rhetorical, I really wanted to find out how this was done from people who had actually achieved it. Rather than pose the question to the world, I went to a person who had achieved this very feat. So you want to build a billion-dollar business, right?

How to make billions of dollars from spare bits

Well, who doesn't? But, how many people can pull it off? Not many.

how to make a billion quickly who earned the first money how

That's for sure. But, what makes these so-called unicorns so incredibly alluring isn't the actual company itself.

how to make a billion quickly work with options strategy

It's the people behind them. While many of us have heard of companies that have quickly reached astronomical valuations, others haven't heard of the slew of other companies that don't achieve household-name status. There are plenty.

The world's fastest self-made billionaires

So what does it take to reach the path to a billion? Panes says that before you figure out the "how" you have to figure out the "why"? Why do you even want to build a billion dollar company?

If it's only for the money, you're wasting your time. Any goal worth achieving has to have a strong enough reason why. And money can't be the driving force. Sounds strange right? You want to build a billion dollar business but you can't really have money as the driving force. It just doesn't work. Panes says that there has to be something else that's deeper, that's driving you. There needs to be a burning cause. Something that you hold near and dear to your heart.

How best to make money on bitcoins first and foremost. Before anything else. Find that one thing. For Panes, it was to secure the future of his children.

That's what kept him up at night. For you, it might be to help your family or to donate to a worthy cause or something else for that matter.

As long as it's a deep enough reason. Something that you'll quite literally do anything for. Once you come up with your "why", you have to navigate the sea of perilous waters to build your business.

Get Rid of Luck

It's not easy. While others try to do large raises of capital, Panes never secured funding. He joined up with a partner, and off they went to the races. But, when asked, point blank, what it actually took to get there, Panes identified eight very specific ingredients. Real value in your offer The first ingredient for building a billion dollar business is that there needs to be real value in your offer.

Whatever product or service or information you're peddling, it needs to help others. Without that, you're wasting your time. For Panes, it was a product that removed all the harmful effects of cigarettes while still delivering nicotine.

Liquid nicotine, to be more precise. He did it better than anyone else in the how to make a billion quickly. He air-shipped instead of sea-shipped his product, making the nicotine fresher on delivery.

He added how to make a billion quickly batteries than his competitors. And so on and so forth.

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He focused on delivering real value, not on trying to cut corners or skimp.